Ill Effects of Shampooing daily

Isn’t it true that everyone desires attractive and healthy hair? As a result, most people rely on frequent salon visits to sustain the beauty of their hair and keep it from becoming damaged. However, other individuals believe that in order to keep their hair healthy, they need to shampoo it every day. This should not be followed, in reality. Why so?

It turns out that shampooing your hair every day isn’t the answer to having sleek and smooth hair. So, in this essay, we’ll look at some of the side effects you could experience if you shampoo your hair every day.

Side effects of shampooing your hair daily:
It degrades your hair’s natural moisture

It degrades natural moisture of hair

True, too much oil isn’t always a good sign, however, some natural oil is necessary for your hair’s wellness. As per The Huffington Post, over-washing can deplete the hair of its natural nutrients, making it rougher and more prone to breaking.

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It dulls shining hair

It dulls shining hair

Many haircare professionals agree that one of the greatest methods to restore gloss to your hair is to shampoo it less often, which prevents dryness and maintains lustre. So, if you want to keep your already dull hair from becoming even dull, avoid shampooing every day.

Colour fades faster

Colour fades faster

Because most skincare products inevitably wash out, WebMD recommends washing less frequently to keep your colour and prevent the look of fading or brassiness. As a result, if you dye your hair or just do not want your natural hair colour to change, it is advisable not to shampoo it frequently.

It Leads In Even more Styling Products

Styling Products

Although this is pretty self-explanatory, it appears that less heat styling can be beneficial to hair development. Because less heat usually equals fewer split ends. Some hair care experts mention shampooing as one of the bad habits to avoid when looking to grow your hair naturally.

It results in more split ends

Split Ends

Shampooing your hair every day, according to a study, does not give it enough time to recover its natural oils. The end result? Split ends and dry, brittle hair What is the solution? See what happens if you wash your hair every other day or every couple of days instead.

Oily or dirty hair can be easier to style

Some hair care experts point out that unclean hair may be used to your favour and really leave your hair simpler to style, especially if you have pin-straight hair that doesn’t have to retain a curl! If you absolutely cannot avoid shampooing your hair, you can also make “dirty” hair with some hairstyle products too.

You’ll Have Much less Grease

Though most of us shampoo our hair to remove grease, it seems true that doing so can lead the scalp to become drier, causing it to create more oil to balance. According to some experts, shampooing your hair less frequently can really help it grow less greasy over time.

It wears the scalp dry

Scalp Dry

The pairing of lukewarm water and over-washing your scalp can cause the scalp to dry out, resulting in dandruff. Many experts believe that skipping a wash every now and then is the best approach to avoid this issue.

And whether you believe it or not, there are more reasons why you should not shampoo your hair every day. It seems like a no-brainer but many people actually shampoo their hair every day. So if you’re one of them and care about your hair, we kindly request you to stop.

How often do you shampoo your hair and how does it make your hair feel after? Let us know!

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