Menstrual Hygiene Tips to Follow

The onset of menstruation denotes a new life in adolescents. The human body undergoes a series of changes during this phase. It is a natural part of the female reproductive cycle. Every year, May 28th is observed as world menstrual hygiene day. The main aim of this is to bring global awareness to the concept of menstrual hygiene. Here let’s look at some tips to overcome the mild discomforts that are commonly faced during menstruation.

Menstrual Hygiene

First of all, what is menstruation?

Menstruation is the periodic flow of blood and mucosal lining from the uterus via the vagina. This cycle is solely characterized by hormones. Women undergo a series of physical and emotional changes during this phase. Also, it is important to maintain menstrual health. Good menstrual health can also boost confidence in women. Now let’s move to some tips to maintain menstrual hygiene.

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Bathe Twice a Day

During this period, a lot of hot flushes and night sweats happen. It is always better to take bath twice during the initial days of menstruation. It not only keeps the body clean but also cool. A hot bath can also relax the muscles and some provide relief from the period pain.
Furthermore, it is important to properly clean the genitals while bathing. Also, a clean body can help with pad rashes. Proper cleansing will reduce the itching caused by the sanitary pads.

Clean Your Vagina

Vaginal hygiene should be taken utmost care during menstruation. Always wash from the front to back to avoid infections. If not, microbes from the anal region can spread to the vagina. Also, avoid fragrances in the private part. It is okay to be smelly down there, especially during this time. If possible avoid soaps and vaginal washes with fragrance. Washing the vagina with plain lukewarm water will do good. Furthermore, it is important to pat dry the area after a proper wash.

Change Your Tampon or Pads Regularly

Change Your Tampoon or Pads

First and foremost, choose your sanitary products wisely. Comfort is the most important criterion when it comes to sanitary products. Be it pads or tampons, dispose of them at regular intervals. In the case of sanitary pads, dispose of them within 4 to 5 hours. If it is tampons, then change within 8 hours. Also, it is important to dispose of the pads properly. Always double wrap the blood-stained pads before throwing them into the dustbin. Furthermore, try using panty liners during pre and post-menstrual days.
Reusable sanitary pads and absorbent underwear are also trending in the market. They are environment-friendly alternatives for other menstrual products. Again, it is important to look at the comfort factor.

Manage Food Cravings

It is normal to have chocolate and junk food cravings during this time. But it is also important to maintain a healthy diet. On average, a woman loses 60 to 80 ml of blood per menstruation. Thus it is essential to compensate for this loss through diet. Eat an ample amount of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. It is also important to hydrate oneself with sufficient water. Moreover, try to incorporate ingredients like ginger and buttermilk to ease cramps.
Avoid foods with too much sugar or salt content. Excess salt can increase the period bloating. Also, it is a must to avoid alcohol during this period.

Cramp Remedies

Over-the-counter pain killers can help in reducing period pain. Also, use them only in case of intolerable pain. As an alternative, go for hot compresses to soothe the pain. Hot water bottles can also be used on the back and abdominal areas to relieve pain. Also, there are proven yogas to relieve period pain.

Engage in Physical Activity

Avoid heavy exercise and weight lifts during this time. Instead, practice certain yoga postures to relax the body. It has proven to reduce abdominal swelling, pain, and breast tenderness during menstruation.
Try to stay more hygienic and healthy during periods. Also, be cautious and have an extra pad or tampon handy in the vanity. Most importantly, spread the awareness of menstrual hygiene to your peers.

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