The Ultimate Haircare Tips: From Dr. Neethu Sen

Pampering your body both externally and internally, is indispensable. Similarly, your hair needs your attention too. Giving it a little bit of your attention can do wonders. When it comes to hair, it faces a lot of challenges as several factors affect the hair health. In this modern world, people seek for natural methods to treat their hair. So, we had an interaction with Dr. Neethu Sen who is a Senior Medical Officer at Sanjeevanam Ayurvedic Therapy Center. She is into formulating and modifying the Herbal preparations including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, health supplements, and cosmetics along with FMCG herbal actives based on skincare, haircare, cosmetics, home, and personal care products. As we put forth certain questions regarding ayurvedic haircare, here are the answers from her and try incorporating them to your haircare regime while understanding your hair.

1. Hair health says all about the body’s health. So, could you tell us which nutrition works great on hair as per Ayurvedic norms?

Healthy hair represents what real health. But health does not mean the same for all. Having a healthy hair means you certainly have to be healthy enough. If there is any nutritional issue, there will definitely be a deviation in the health of the skin and hair. Nutrition, is not exactly the term which we prefer to use but DIGESTION is what we prefer. People are rather more conscious in taking healthy food. Although you may have enough nutrition intake, the improper digestion impacts the hair health. When it comes to digestion, it also includes metabolism process. The persisting chronic digestion may create impact on your hair, nail and skin and you will be noticing only after one or two weeks.

2. What is the impact of food and nutrition on hair?

With regard to nutrition as such people take, the major ones will be vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K, minerals, proteins, iron and zinc which actually act. However, at some of point, people may experience digestive error or acidity. This has got a direct impact on the hair including hair health.

3. Do acidity and absorptive error link to hair fall?

Both are very much directly linked to hair fall. This is because when there is absorptive error, there will be lack of nutrient absorption. The improper absorption of nutrient leads to improper formation of tissues. As far as science is concerned, they are the core tissue of bone texture. So, when the bone health or bone marrow health is getting impaired, they directly affect the hair health as per ayurveda.

4. People are into different kinds of diet and lifestyle. Does diet affect an individual’s hair health?

Diet, if it is not properly taken, there will be some kind of a nutritional imbalance in the body which will directly have an impact on the hair health. Hair fall and brittleness are main two conditions. Firstly, the growth and nutrition of the hair will be affected. Secondly, the quality of the hair will be affected. When you cut down the good fats, you may experience the rough strands of hair and skin. As the cell is made of lipoprotein membrane, so enough lipid is required to absorb food. When this lipid is lacking, absorption is again defile.

5. When it comes to hair, Hair fall is an uninvited guest in everyone’s life. So, what is the permanent solution for this?

When looking into the overall hair kind of care, hair fall is only one among them. You have your scalp health, wherein all the dandruff problems and itchy issues due to bacterial or fungal infections, dermatitis kind of problems are included. All these can cause irritation in the hair follicles and then damage the growth of the hair. Then comes the hair nourishment wherein absence of nutrition, lack of absorption and improper tissue formation are included. They affect the hair health. Then comes, the quality of the hair wherein brittleness, the breakage, dull hair, and premature greying of hair are included especially when there is a lack of protein and calcium.

As she put down the problems regarding the hair, Dr. Neethu, imparts some effective tips to curb the hair fall.
First thing, you should follow is hair hygiene which includes your scalp hygiene as well. As people do not give much attention to scalp health, what we suggest is that at least once in three days do oil massage using fingertips. You need not even leave it overnight but hardly from 25 to 45 minutes which will work. Then go for mild shampoo. Daily shower or washing the hair regularly is suggested whereas we do not recommend the daily use of shampoo. We also recommend people to use shampoo by diluting it. This can help balance pH level and wards off other infections as well.

6. Due to the modern lifestyle or running behind the time life, people may be harsh in handling their hair knowingly or unknowingly, what is your tip for them?

When it comes to long or short hair, people really put some effort as it represents them. I’m very sure people will do take care of it. Just a regular water rinse or water wash brings down the stress level. More of an energy, activates the brain, nerves will be intact and functions normal are the main things happen. It will help your body in control and stabilized.

7. What are your tips for preventing baldness as it is one of the nightmares for every man?

Baldness is mostly genetic related one. When there is hereditary link associated with it, you cannot escape but for sure have to face it. However, we can prevent it for a long time. This is possible with an effect hair health regime. The early baldness and alopecia may arise due to their routine habits wherein alopecia is curable but baldness is not.

8. How do tight hairstyles affect the health of the hair?

Choosing to go for the regular tight hairstyles may cause hair loss in that particular area. For instance, a tight ponytail or people who wear clips in the same area, may experience a few hair loss over there. So, you can go for different hairstyles to avert this condition.

9. When it comes to the post-delivery phase, the new moms may experience excessive hair loss. Tell us a few tips that may help new moms?

Post-delivery regime may help which is usually followed in South India. In this particular phase, they will have more of nourishing kind of foods especially tissue-nourishing one. When the postpartum care is proper, your hair will definitely grow proper. If not, you have to address to it. Other than that, the food menu should include alkaline-related ones.

10. How does the frequent use of shampoo and conditioner affect hair health?

If using the conditioner and not washing it next day, it will turn the hair into brittle and leads to breakages. You have to make sure to wash it with water. I would suggest a regular water rinsing, shampooing and conditioning once in three days.

11. Can you give us a few ayurvedic food tips?
  • Soon after waking up have protein-rich foods within half-an-hour time.
  • Make sure to have any of these foods (apple, banana, guava) every day.
  • Then comes, Amla which is unavoidable when considered your hair health. You can take in any from wherein the properties will not go off. It will also help balancing the pH level.
  • I would highly suggest people to take either ragi or barley of food at least once in a day. They are good for your bone, joints and muscle health. Mutton bone soup can help when it comes to non-vegetarians. It will also helpful in severe hair fall and bone issues.
  • Garlic Milk – Take 3 to 4 pods of garlic and tie them up in a piece of cloth. Now, boil it with one glass of water and one glass of milk. Boil it and bring it to one glass and take away the garlic pods. It enhances the bone, muscles and tissues.
  • 1 litre of water is a must for every 20 kg of body weight.
12. Simple Haircare Tips:

Washing your hair with rice water and making use of curry leaves with egg white may helpful in warding off hair issues. When you do it once in a week or once a month will add a shine and texture to your hair.

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Dr. Neethu Sen

Dr. Neethu Sen K, Senior Medical Officer at Sanjeevanam Ayurvedic Therapy Center.

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