Men in Floral Shirts? Yes.

Generally associated with women’s wear, floral prints tend to be side-lined. The neverending jokes: “Are you in Goa?” “Is that a bedsheet?” “Since when do you dress girly?” have made men shy away from them. But the truth is, there is nothing girly about them. We associate florals and prints with boldness and expression.

With the ever-evolving trends, floral patterns are making an appearance in menswear more than ever before. As the fashion industry adopts this trend, there’s a whole new world for men to explore. With a few tips on how to pull it off right, a printed shirt will be the trendiest item in your wardrobe. Here are a few things to mind when styling your floral shirt.

1. Choose colours you are comfortable with –

Wearing printed shirts, especially one with a floral print, requires stepping out of your comfort zone. The colours you like or are comfortable in could make your first experience an easy transition. Of course, if you feel bold you can go all out and get something unusual for your style. In case you are not, then baby steps always help.

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2. Wear floral prints for casual occasions –

There is less pressure at casual events to dress properly. You are good to find something that works for you. Some occasions demand a certain formality. So that may not be the ideal place to flaunt bold, floral prints.

3. Find the Perfect Pair –

Never mix your florals. If you are wearing a shirt over a t-shirt, ensure that the layer underneath is plain and minimal. Always choose a trouser that balances your colours. Otherwise, there’s a chance you may look good, but there is a bigger chance you may look overwhelming. Make sure your shoes match the vibe you are going for. Let print be the highlight of your outfit. But mostly, have fun figuring out the perfect pairing!

4. Find the Correct Layers –

Layers give you choice and control. You can choose what part of your outfit comes into focus. With winter around the corner, use floral shirts for a breezy look and layers to keep yourself warmed up.
● For a casual look, wear a t-shirt underneath that balances your colours.
● For a semi-formal look, wear a trench coat that compliments your shirt.
● For a festive look, wear a 3 – piece suit with a dark jacket and trousers and a floral shirt. Be the highlight this wedding season.

5. Embrace the Colours –

Floral prints often have a wider range of colours than regular shirts. We know that you prefer neutral base colours but there’s no harm in trying something new, is there? Embrace the prints. You will feel as joyous as you look.

6. Always Experiment –

Do not shy away from experiments. Floral prints have a lot to offer. You will find subtle patterns in neutral colours and timid patterns. You will also come across bold prints in bright, vivid colours. You will find many combinations of these colours and prints. Looking at the right store with varied options will help you figure out what works best.

So get your floral dose! What are you waiting for? Christmas?

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