Office Outfits that Suit Indian Climate

The majority of India experiences hot weather all year. Despite the fact that the last few years have been a little different, the current weather in India is what lasts the longest each year. As a result, not everyone would feel at ease wearing the typical office attire. The standard office outfit is a well-fitting suit for both men and women. But, because we can’t always walk into the office in a suit in an Indian climate, we’ve listed some outfit alternatives you can try the next time you have to work in an office.

Office outfits that suit Indian climate:
Traditional Indian Wear

A saree is a popular traditional dress in India. Many married and even unmarried women prefer to wear sarees almost exclusively. Whether it’s a professional meeting, a casual event, or a wedding, the majority of women prefer this Indian wear for comfort. Some offices require you to wear traditional Indian attire such as sarees and Kurtis. However, the majority of them do not. A school or college is the most common workplace with a dress code.

A Kurti is another option for traditional clothing. It goes with everything and is especially popular among young women over sarees. Some people may find sarees difficult to wear, and if that’s the case for you, you can always opt for a regular Kurti paired with whatever bottoms you want.

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Suits will always be one of the best office wear options for most professions. If you work in technology and are the leader of a large team, a black suit is ideal. If you are a professor who needs to look professional in all of your lectures, consider wearing a suit. We know we said we couldn’t always show up to work in a suit. As a result, we’re making it clear that it’s only for special meetings and events. You are not required to wear a suit every day. But if you want to and are comfortable doing so, just wear it.

Choose a wool or cotton suit that is breathable and won’t make you sweat all the time. Don’t go for the cheapest option; instead, consider what fabric is best for your body.


Some workplaces may prohibit the wearing of pieces of denim, but the vast majority do not. If you work in a more welcoming environment where what you wear is less important than your talent, you can always opt for denim. Denim is very comfortable and breathable, making them ideal for the Indian climate. You can put together a decent outfit by wearing denim pants with any shirt. Women should wear Kurtis, t-shirts, mid-length tops, and a printed shirt. Men should wear a casual shirt or t-shirt.

Formal Wear

A shirt paired with a well-fitted trouser is the classic formal wear that suits both the Indian climate and the office dress codes in India. This outfit applies to both men and women. This is the ideal office attire for those working in technology, media, fashion, and so on. Men in educational fields are more likely to choose this look, whereas most women in the same field do not. This type of outfit is also appropriate if you work at a law firm. Although most people in the legal profession wear suits, there is no rule requiring them to do so all of the time.

Women can dress up this look with flats, court shoes, or mid-heeled heels. Most offices do not prohibit high heels, but they can be uncomfortable to wear all day. To achieve a comfortable yet professional look, men can wear loafers or sneakers.

What is your ideal office outfit in India? Let us know how you style your office outfits from head to toe!

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