PNA was awarded “Ethical Fashion Brand 2017” by PETA India in the year 2017.

PNA is obtainable elegant luxury which combines fashion and usability in a way that would make you feel special and liberated. The brand’s inspiration is its patrons. Each of their bags is uniquely handcrafted to excel the ever so high expectations of a clientele. The brand offers an array of products such as Handbags, Purses, Wallets for Men & Women, Baby Travel Bags, ID Holders, Key Chains, Bag Charms, Gym Bags, Laptop Bags, Passport Holders, Travel Bags, Diary Covers, Plantable Pencils, Wine Box, Coasters, Lipstick Organisers, Wedding Bags, Card Holders & Utility Pouches. 
In the words of Pooja Chopra, “We, at PNA, believe in modern classism with vibrant colours. We make sure that each of her creation exudes elegance and luxury. Fashion needs to be cruelty-free and like art, beautiful yet personal to your own taste. A good quality, luxurious product that is free of any animal product, is our USP.”
The brand believes in the joy of giving; each PNA bag is designed with a sense to touch your heart so that you can call it “your” bag!
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