Top Indian Brands for Bride and Groom Wear

Indian weddings are by far the most entertaining and imaginative way to honour the bride and groom. We understand that some individuals may not like it and would prefer a wedding with fewer guests. However, many Indians enjoy the wedding season more than the bride and groom since it allows them to dress up. Because Indian weddings are all about luxury, the outfits don’t need to be toned down at all. As a result, selecting the best Indian brand for bridal and groom’s wear is crucial.

Many Indian designers have their own labels and provide a wide range of wedding and groom’s wear styles. So we decided to come out here and compile a list of some of the top Indian brands that every bride and groom should consider this year. Let’s get started, shall we?

Top Indian brands for bridal and grooms wear:

Sabyasachi is a fashion label founded by Sabyasachi Mukherji, one of India’s most well-known designers. He is a well-known designer in India who is dedicated to ensuring that your bridal and groom’s wear tells a distinct tale. Sabyasachi is a name to consider if you want to have a high-end wedding without skimping on anything. This brand is ideal for any bride and groom in India who wants to incorporate gorgeous fashion features into their bridal and groom’s wear.

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Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar is one of India’s most well-known designers. Ritu Kumar, her label, is one of the top sites for brides looking for the perfect outfit. For years, the brand has been an unspoken favourite of many households. For many years, Ritu Kumar has made significant contributions to the improvement of the Indian fashion sector. It is still one of the top Indian bridal wear brands, with perfection and sophistication for any and all Indian brides.

Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra is the name of a well-known Indian costume designer. The designer’s work on a number of recent Bollywood blockbusters is well-known among Indians. His designs have influenced Bollywood’s fashion sense, and many celebrities have entrusted him with their wedding and grooming attire. This brand is ideal for brides and grooms who want to express their current selves via traditional attire.

Shilpa Reddy Studio

Shilpa Reddy Studio is a fashion label founded and owned by Shilpa Reddy, a well-known fashion designer. This brand is for those south Indian ladies who want to be traditional while still adding a modern twist to their wedding attire. In Shilpa Reddy Studio, a bride can get some of the best Kanjeevarams to suit her taste. The Shilpa Reddy Studio has also been chosen by celebrity grooms such as Nagarjuna for their grooms wear.

Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre is a fashion label founded by designer Anita Dongre that has been prominent in India for decades. This bridal line is ideal for brides who choose to ditch their heavy lehengas or sarees in favour of simplicity. The brand focuses mostly on simple yet exquisite bridal clothing for all Indian women who want to look their best at their weddings. Unlike many other Indian bridal companies, this is the only one where a bride does not have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Gaurang Shah

Gaurang Shah is another popular wedding brand in South India that every bride and husband should check out. Many celebrities, like Vidya Balan and Keerthi Suresh, are big followers of this brand. This Indian business can provide a bride with the most gorgeous Kanjeevarams to enhance their beauty on their wedding day. It is one of the top Indian brands to go for, with a complete variety of edgy modern but traditional bridal apparel.

What are some of your favourite Indian bridal and grooms wear designers? Let us know which Indian brand you choose for your big day if you have recently married!

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