​I Wanted To Recover From Injuries Says Shah Rukh Khan About Taking A Break


Ever since the release of Zero, superstar Shah Rukh Khan hasn’t announced his next film. And now he shares the reason behind taking a break from active screen-presence.

Shah Rukh Khan was addressing his fans on his 54th birthday celebration on Saturday in Mumbai.

Talking about taking a break, Shah Rukh Khan said, “Whenever I had injuries, I have worked despite having injuries so, I did not recover from those injuries, therefore, I thought that I will take some out, recover fully and which I have. My children were going to colleges so I thought that I have to spend some time with them”

“And I wanted to think about such stories for my films which people will like and not just me. I am working on a lot of films and with a lot of friends, directors. I always preferred to talk about films when I start working on it so, once things related to my films will get finalized, I will tell you about it within next 2-3 months.”

Khan said that he wants to own a big auditorium so that he can interact with his fans on special occasions like his birthdays, he said, “For me, the biggest thing on my birthday is that all of you (fans) come here to meet me. I always try to meet you especially on this day. I am trying that our company which is into films quickly make some hit films so that we can earn some money and then we can buy a big auditorium where one lakh to two lakh people can enjoy together”

“I took a break not because I want to do a better film or something but in the coming 4-5 years, I want to have my own hall or a place where you can come again on my birthday along with your children. I have lived nearly 1/3rd of life now and Insha allah, I hope to live very long. I look forward to be with you for the next 100 years” added SRK.

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