The Screen Patti from the house of The Viral Fever addresses the awkwardness of bumping into an ex whilst on a date ~

Soft soulful music in the background, quaint and quiet restaurant, candlelight, delicious gourmet food (not talking about your partner) and of course, your partner – is the idea of an ideal date. Just like every rose has its thorn, every smooth conversation has a hiccup. What happens when this hiccup manifests itself in the form of your ex-partner? The Screen Patti is back with its fourth episode of its popular and widely loved series; Awkward Conversations with Girlfriend- Bumping into you Ex.

Reality shows should have a final task of facing your ex while on a date with your current partner. Trust us, that this is more nerve wracking and anxiety-giving than having to deal with roaches and rats.  Commenting on the episode Andhadhun fame and the lead of the show, Rashmi Agdekar says, “At some point in our life we did have to face a situation involving a face-off between your ex and the current partner, which made working on this episode fun. In fact, every situation portrayed in the series is highly relatable and experienced by everyone at least once. The entire series is a collection of the most awkward experiences that one has had indefinitely, which resonates with the audience as it makes an interpersonal experience.”

Awkward Conversations with Girlfriend written by Harish Peddinti and directed by Abhinav Anand, is increasingly popular among the millennials. Given its highly relatable nature and hilarious dialogues which ensues a never-ending trail of laugher, it sure is too hard to miss. To know what happens after Ishan (Ritvik Sahore) bumps into his ex (played by Sunakshi Grover), watch the latest episode to satisfy your curiosity.

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