Top 4 Rom-com Movies to Add to Your Movie-dating List

Movie-dating is always an amazing idea to spend time with your loved one. We've got you covered with some top rom-com movies to add to your list.

Seeking for the best rom-com movies to add to your movie-dating list? Look no further. Netflix and chilling is always a great movie-dating idea. Rom-com or romantic comedy is a subgenre under comedy films. It mostly includes lighthearted romantic movies with comical elements. Netflix has a long list of such romedy movies. Sometimes it is difficult for us to choose the perfect one for our weekend nights. Usually, we tend to spend a lot of time searching for a movie which we end up watching for a couple of hours. Hence, we decided to save you time. Here we give you the list of the top 4 rom-com movies to add to your movie-dating list.

Top 4 rom-com movies to add:
When Harry Met Sally

This is one of the most oldest and classic rom-com available on Netflix. The chemistry and fun between the two leads are just perfect. Also, their characters are well-written in a quirky way. The movie has a number of intercut scenes with older couples talking about how they met. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s about how Harry and Sally met. Interestingly, the story is loosely based on real-life incidents too. The witty screenplay of this movie did set a new standard for other romcoms. It is also known for its sharp and colourful cinematography. Furthermore, it is one of the most realistic love stories ever made in English cinema.

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To All The Boys I Have Loved Before

This film franchise contains all the right elements needed for an American teenage rom-com. The franchise includes three films based on novels penned by Jenny Han. It is a kind of sweet and wholesome movie that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. The story revolves around a shy girl Lara Jean who writes letters to boys she had crushes on. But she never intended to send them. The movies show her experiences following one of them receiving her letters. This movie also has a cult fanbase for its romantic elements.

Ante Sundaraniki

Ante SundaranikiThis Telugu flick starring Nani and Nazriya is a recent 2022 rom-com. The film is a typical love story between an orthodox Hindu guy and a Christian girl. But this old and predictable story was taken in the most fun way possible. Also, the film was first released in theatres and received many positive responses. This family drama cum romantic comedy flick is a complete weekend package. Do watch this movie for its hilarious scenes and top-notch performances by the leads.

Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithal

This rom-com heist film is also a must-watch Tamil film on Netflix. This modern rom-com is a fun-filled ride starring Dulquer Salmaan and Ritu Verma. The plot revolves around two fraudsters who fell in love with the mystery women they just met in their life. This film has so many twists and turns which make it more watchable. Also, do look out for the pre-climax twist! This engaging rom-com on Netflix deserves a thumbs up.

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