Top 5 Reasons Why Deepika Padukone Shines in Pathaan

Pathaan was released exactly one month ago. It is still successfully running and ruling the box office. Pathaan was SRK’s much-awaited movie, his fans have been eager to watch the king on the big screen again. But we also want to shed light on the other star of Pathaan who steals the show. Deepika Padukone plays Rubina, a rogue ISI agent, who has joined John Abraham (Jim) in his mission against the world. For the first time, a female lead in a Bollywood action thriller has an equitable role and major screen time.  Let’s check out the reasons why Deepika Padukone shines in Pathaan and we loved about her character.

Top Reasons Why Deepika Padukone shines in Pathaan:

It is so refreshing to see an anti-hero being played by a female lead. Deepika played the role of sublimity, genuinely surprising us every time she changed sides. She was not a pawn of mercenaries, she was a rogue agent whose heart still beats for her country. It was fulfilling to see her character develop and complete its arc.

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Pivotal to the Story

This is the beauty of well-written characters, you end up loving them regardless of whether they are good or evil. (Spoiler alert) When Rubina betrays Pathaan, our heart breaks along with him. When she puts her life in danger and goes against Jim, we see her humanity and sense of justice. It is refreshing to see a well-rounded role for a female lead in a mainstream Bollywood movie. Deepika’s character plays a pivotal role and drives the story forwards.

Three Dimensional Role

Deepika Padukone in Pathaan

The biggest win of Pathaan is that it doesn’t put limits on itself and its characters. Rubina is a beautiful woman who can also kill. While she uses her beauty as a weapon, there is no doubt about her badass skills as a spy. The love for her nation is at her core, but she is driven by a larger sense of good and evil. She refuses to support Jim in his madness. There is a shift in her worldview. Her flaw is corrected, completing her arc from being an anti-hero to a hero.

Makeup & Costume

The costume department for Pathaan must be applauded. We’re fans of everything Deepika wears. Her costume varies from functional to sexy, and beautiful to badass. It holds everything a spy must have. It shows preparedness for all situations. Rubina has two dealings with dangerous organisations and one with Pathaan. She is ready for all situations if things are to go southward. Her disguises, her hair, and her looks are on-point throughout the film. And on top of that, every single outfit she wears is a fashion statement. Deepika’s wardrobe in Cocktail had led to a fashion revolution, and we expect the same result post-Pathaan.

Action & Stunts

The action sequences are not limited between the male hero and the male villain. Deepika Padukone has always chosen roles which require her participation. Roles that are not objectified or ornamental. She leads many fight scenes in Pathaan. It will be difficult for the audience to forget the gun-toting Deepika in the climax: blood dripping down her forehead but she never misses her aim. The filmmakers never hold her back from action.

We could go on and on about Deepika Padukone, really! But we’d love to hear from you. What are your favourite action and fashion moments or your favourite Deepika moments from Pathaan? Let us know!

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