Top 5 Tamil Movies of Senthil, a Veteran Comedian, to Re-visit on his Birthday

The Legendary comedian, Senthil, turns 72 today. The comedian has recently joined the team of ‘Lal Salaam’, a political sports movie directed by Aishwarya Rajinikanth as per the reports. The actor is one of the staple comedians in Tamil Cinema during mid-eighties to late nineties. He mostly shared his screen space with the fellow veteran comedian, Goundamani. They are known to be the superhit combo of Tamil Cinema. While the movies the comedian acted have been faded, the comedy scenes from the movies are still remaining fresh as they are telecasted in several channels. Not only do people enjoy watching them on television channels, they do search for YouTube channels that include the collections of Senthil-Goundamani comedies. However, there are multiple Tamil movies of Senthil sharing screen space with Goundamani which are worth-worthing anytime. Here, we are listing some of the top Tamil movies of Senthil where he had kick off the best comedy scenes.

Vaidehi Kathirundhaal:

The 1984 movie, Vaidehi Kathirundhaal, features Senthil and Goundamani alongside. The time when their combo was never known that must be a blockbuster hit. Millions of people are still a fan for the movie’s humour scenes. Especially, the scenes set in Goundamani’s all-in-all Azhaguraja cycle shop. The entertaining and humourous dialogues from the movies are extremely popular amidst meme creators. We still cannot hold our laughter when watching the “Petromax light” comedy scene. Fun Guaranteed for all!

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Karakattakkaran was released back in 1989 and had a massive response from the audience. To point out, Senthil-Goundamani’s combo again engages the audience in the movie anytime. The character, Naathas, played by Senthil, is a key in driving the comedy scenes. The universally famous banana comedy and the Soppanasundari’s car episode are from this hit movie respectively. When watching the movie keenly, you may have noticed Senthil doing things as per his wish and entraps. One should never miss binge-watching this movie!


Action King Arjun’s 1993 movie, Gentleman features Senthil as Babloo and Goundamani as Mani. Though the movie does not involve much of banter comedies, it shows the characters in the workplace wherein they are working for Kichcha, played by Arjun, who owns a home business. The facial expressions of both the veteran actors are top-notch in the movie that blend well with their witty dialogues.

Ullathai Allitha:

This 1996 movie of Karthik includes Goundamani and Senthil again in the cast list. They do not appear as a duo in ‘Ullathai Allitha’ but earn separate scenes. They jump into each other only when Raja, played by Karthik and Vasu, played by Goundamani steps into the rich man Viswanathan’s (Manivannan) house. Senthil is the manager of Viswanathan and as the plot moves, he turns into an antagonist by kidnapping his boss towards the climax. However, this rom-com movie of Tamil Cinema is loved by vast audience.


The most popular movie of Tamil Cinema, Indian, roped Goundamani and Senthil in 1996. Director Shankar portrays Senthil’s character, Paneerselvam as a smart RTO officer whereas Goundamani’s Subbiah character comes under him. The duo has enough screen space in the movie. The banter comedy featuring in the movie, between Goundamani and Senthil wins amidst the audience. Visualizing Tom and Jerry in real life humans through their characters in ‘Indian’!

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