Top 6 Trending Reels of the Month (November)

Depending on how well a trend captures people, Instagram reels’ trends are updated weekly or every few weeks. There were so many incredible reel trends in November, and some of them are still going strong, that we decided it was time to let you know about them so you can get in on the action too (yes, it’s never too late). So, whether you have a business account or you’re a creator, keep reading to learn about some of the best Instagram reel trends this month.

Top Trending reels of the Month (November):
Trend: Anti-hero by Taylor Swift

As you may already be aware, Taylor Swift, the biggest pop star in the world right now, just dropped a new album called Midnights, and everyone is going crazy over it. The album’s lead single, “Anti-Hero,” continues to dominate international charts and Instagram reels. The general idea behind the trend is to describe something problematic about you, your company, or something that regular customers say to you. The reel will be ideal for coaches, influencers, and regular creators. Some businesses might benefit from this trend, but not all.

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Trend: Unholy by Sam Smith

Unholy by Sam Smith is the second favourite song of all Instagram creators. It has been in demand for more than three weeks and has been remixed by many different DJs and music producers. If you’re a beauty or fashion influencer, it will be the ideal trend for you to jump on since people have been using it to reveal their beauty and fashion transformation. If you run a small business, you can also demonstrate the before-and-after images or videos of a project you’ve been working on.

Trend: 2022 recap

Now that December has arrived, 2022 is coming to an end. Since the last two weeks of November, Instagram creators have begun to reflect on everything they have accomplished and experienced during the months of 2022. For this trend, there is a lot of audio floating around Instagram. There are a few audios that summarise all the events with pictures and videos, and there are some in which people express how they have changed physically or emotionally since January. You can join in on these trends based on your actual experience and enjoy yourself.

Trend: It made me think of you

This trend resembles the 2022 recap, but it works best for accounts that are related to pets and young children. This Instagram trend depicts how much a child or pet has grown, as well as their parents’ memories of their infant years. Some individuals use it to recall the beginning of their journey. It might discuss a variety of journeys and experiences. You can use it for anything you think is important to remember, including your fitness journey, business growth, and personal development.

Trend: Made you look by Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor recently released a new album, and the album’s lead single, “Made you look,” has been trending on Instagram. Everyone has been performing the “Made You Look” dances with their friends, partners, families, etc., from influencers to celebrities. It’s a cute dance that goes great with the music and is ideal for creators’ and influencers’ daily reels. If you don’t want to dance in front of the camera, you can use the audio to show a time-lapse of something you worked on.

Trend: Levitating x Woh Ladki Jo

Since Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday was two weeks ago, this tune by Dj Ruchir Mashup has been widely used. Since November 2, fan accounts of the celebrity have been altering images of him in various films in celebration of his birthday. However, that wasn’t the only application of it. With transition effects and their own creative touches, many travel bloggers used this audio to highlight their travel experiences for the month.

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