International Day of People with Disabilities – Dec 3

The purpose of December 3rd, the International Day of People with Disabilities, is to increase empathy and understanding among all people toward the difficulties that people with disabilities face. The purpose of the day is to ensure that everyone has equality of opportunities for employment, play, health, as well as success. It may not differentiate between mental and physical disabilities. Today is all about valuing people with disabilities because they can be, and frequently are, useful members of society.

By resolution 47/3 of the UN General Assembly, the International Day of Disabled Persons was established as a yearly observance in 1992. The purpose of the Day’s observance is to increase awareness of issues related to disabilities and to rally support for the integrity, rights, and general welfare of people with disabilities.

Here is why the International Day of People with Disabilities is Important:
We can more clearly comprehend the challenges that people with disabilities face

The prized parking spot right at the front of the doctor’s office, the gently sloping curbs at crossing points with the textured mats in place so people with vision impairments can understand the curb end, the buttons to open doors effortlessly, even the elevators on the Metro — all are in place to create a tough life somewhat simpler for a person with disabilities. Consider these amenities today, and then consider how few there are.

It increases understanding of those with disabilities

In our civilization, people with disabilities occasionally feel invisible. People barely pay them any attention as they rush past their daily activities. Today, make an effort to smile and make eye contact with others. Also, be ready to assist if they appear to be having trouble. As you may already be aware, even a small gesture can brighten someone’s day. Today is the perfect opportunity to make someone with a disability’s day more pleasant and comfortable.

It is the law and lasts for more than a day

This significant day was established to outline the rights of persons with disabilities as well as the design guidelines that organisations and local governments must follow in order to adhere to the law. The standards required are quite clear, so being familiar with them could be very beneficial for anyone. Therefore, try to treat them kindly every day rather than just today.

How to celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities:
Help out where you can

Ask the nurses at an outpatient department, your neighbourhood senior residence, or senior centre if they are aware of anyone who requires help. Offer to assist. For someone with a disability, sometimes as simple tasks as delivering a prescription, dropping off a parcel, or picking up a few groceries would make all the difference in the world.

Become a spokesperson for those with disabilities

Take a look at your neighbourhood and the locations you visit regularly. Ask the store owner, the mall manager, and/or your elected representatives to put accessibility features in place if they aren’t already there. The rule applies. Ask a friend to go with you if you’re unsure about discussing this with others; it’s advantageous if your friend is a lawyer.

Be kind to one another

You are aware of your potential for irritability when you are tired, busy, and pressed for time. Avoid yelling at or verbally abusing someone who is holding you up. It’s possible that they have a disability. If that is the case, their lives will always be miserable, while your troubles will probably pass quickly. Similarly, don’t let any inappropriate humour they display ruin your day. When this happens, a smile can make everything better.

Furthermore, as we’ve already said, make sure to help them every day, not just on this day. It is essential to recognize that they struggle every day.

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