4 Nostalgic Ice Cream Types You Could Never Get Over

Ice creams are naturally everyone’s favourite and they could never be missed in summer. What’s more satisfying than licking your favourite ice cream or popsicles during these blazing summer days? Since ice creams have been served in varieties of flavours and tastes to amuse you, there are these fulfilling summer days when the old types of delish ice cream varieties from the days of the ’90s. Are ice creams meant only for summer days? It’s winter already and it’s time to go back in time. While a glimpse of the name of the flavours of ice creams could make you excited, these old varieties would take you to the nostalgic childhood days. So, let’s check out the nostalgic ice cream types you could never get over.


The ’80s and 90’s kids’ favourite semiya paal ice or vermicelli popsicles are one of the most-loved ice cream varieties which have the distinctive taste of milk. You could spot any ice cream seller now but you could bring the exact delightful scene of licking the delish semiya paal ice as you could prepare it at home. All you need is vermicelli, milk, and sugar to prepare the nostalgic summer popsicles. Surprise your mom with her favourite ice cream and bring out the child in her!

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Like vermicelli popsicles, Sago ice candy or sago popsicle is yet another popular nostalgic ice that makes your childhood days dazzling. The hard and colourful sago candies could meltdown when you taste them under the scorching sun. You could also prepare this appealing ice candy at your home with sago and sugar.


Having mentioned the top varieties of the golden days, Cone ice cream could never be missed as it is complete satisfaction for all the 90’s kids out there. The only dainty vanilla-flavoured cone ice cream is everything we needed back then in summer. How we encircled the cone ice uncle back then as he distributes the ice cream to all children surrounding him.


Who else would forget the colourful and juicy cola ice? They are the real mood boosters during our childhood days. They are not just black-and-white flashback but they could bring back those colourful moments even now as you could prepare them easily at your home. You ensure to have your favourite essence, lime juice, and sugar. So, bring the nostalgic scene right now during this pandemic summer to feel refreshed. However, make sure you have it in a moderate amount as too much would lead to a sore throat. Well, these are the few varieties and tastes of nostalgic ice creams.

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