13 Super Dating Tips for The Modern Gentlemen

A little courtesy can make life easier and more pleasant. The old-fashioned rules of Dating etiquette that is worth your attention.

Plan a date: Dating is a confusing game. One of the key questions that come up time and time again is whether or not the guy should confirm before the date. Men are more casual when it comes to making plans. While women on the other hand like to confirm. Try to be cool. Plan a date!

Being Ontime: Don’t be late, beyond all, it’s your date

Pick-up: Offer a pick-up to your date incase if she wants one

Be a gentleman: Pulling out her chair or opening doors in front of her may feel a bit too forced these days, but many women love being treated like a lady.

Be You: Smile and be your natural self. You have nothing to lose!

Manners: Men worry about their clothes, manners, and habit, while ladies are anxious about their looks. The best rule is to relax!

Conversation: Have a 2-sided conversation. Ask open-ended questions. Be positive and fun when you’re out on a date. Don’t bash your ex’s. Don’t complain! Just live that moment.

Stay in your limits: Should you hold hands, kiss or become intimate?- Emotionally men and women are different. Dating is intended to provide companionship with the opposite sex. Incase of Kissing when both of you mutually agree, keep in mind that a first kiss should be brief and tongue-free, showing your date that you like and respect him or her.

Don’t drink too much: Your goal on a date is not to get drunk. Tip: Drink one glass of water after every drink, if you have planned for this.

Gifts: Exchanging of gifts and presents? (Only if you really like that person) The value of the gift does not matter. It is the sentiments behind the gift that count.

Expenses: Who should spend money on a date? The best way is to ‘Go Dutch’ always. Yes, share your expenses

Keep it Simple: A date is just a date, not a marriage proposal- so accept all dates 🙂

Finally, If it gets late, good manners require that the lady must be escorted home

After your first Date…

Follow Up! Communicate. Determine how you felt about the date.

Text her or call her the very next day. Either text her a simple message that says “Had a great time last night…. Looking forward to the next time.

Ask her out at the end of the first date for a second date.

Make sure that the two of you handle it like adults and not like children.

Honesty is the best policy. The key to ending any date successfully is, to be honest, and direct about whether or not you’d like to see the other person again.

Move on, if there is no response. You Don’t have to end up waiting indefinitely for a call that may never come.

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