14 Most Triumphant Ways To Keep Your Romance Alive With Your Partner



Quarantine would make your days tedious but you could make your days interesting by learning new things together with your partner. You could still explore something better by knowing about each other. Make sure you have tried expressing your feelings and water up your intimacy during these days. You could involve in some sexual activities with your partner to create a better bond and grow up your intimacy between you both.

CONCENTRATE ON INTIMACY MORE THAN SEX: Spending time with each other such as staring at stars, going to church or temple together, cuddling, hugging, holding hands or anything which bring you to close together would increase your intimacy. It would bring excitement and fulfillment for you both in a relationship.

REMINISCENCE THINGS: Just take a few minutes to remember how you both were attracted to each other the very first time. So, share the fun memories together and how you both felt each other when you met for the first time.

READY TO BE ALL-DAY VALENTINE: This is something which works better and so it would be more fun and romantic. Showing some act of love that would make better intimacy in your relationship. It could be a simple act such as sending lovable text messages or selfies or five minutes of quiet cuddling which would bring you both closer together.

DISCONNECT YOURSELF FROM ELECTRONIC DEVICES: You should be ready to disconnect yourself from electronic devices. It does not mean that switching off your mobile, turning away from social media, and disconnect yourself from people but disconnecting yourself from other people for an hour a day would make much difference.

KEEP YOUR PHONES AWAY: This is not just putting your phone away but when making eye contact with your partner while they are talking, it would make extra bond.

PUT ON YOUR PARTNER’S FAVORITE COSTUME: Couples could do little romantic things which would be interesting and exciting as well. It could be something that turns on your partner by which you could keep the physical attraction alive in your relationship.

MANNERS IS THE FOREMOST THING: Minding your manners is the most important thing when it comes to your relationship. You should do little things such as shaving, not burping or picking your nose or closing the door to the toilet. Giving comfortable feel is better than the sheer laziness. This is because making sure of comfort increases intimacy.

HAVE SOME QUALITY TIME APART: In order to retain your romance, you just gotta maintain a healthy amount of the distance. You should always need to remember that both of you should need to have enough space for your interests. This is because too much togetherness would kill your romance.

HAVE A DATE NIGHT:  Remember your first date night together? Do it again in your home! This is one of the romantic activities which would really connect you both together. Just do not select for watching movies but have a date night together.

CHOOSE GAMES: Even though you are in a romantic mood such as dinner night or exploring sexual desires, nothing would be more fun and romantic than playing games together. There are several games available that would make you naturally attracted to your partner and make you both spend quality time by smiling and laughing together.

SEX-CHALLENGE: Try to indulge yourself in five days sex challenge where you could make most out of it. It would be a lot tougher than you expected it is. However, when you have a sex challenge for five days, it would increase the level of your libido in your body. If you find lull, just involve yourself in the sex challenge and make your days interesting.

GO FOR INTIMATE MASSAGE: These days are where you could simply bond up yourself with better intimacy. You should always ensure yourself to keep touching and hugging your body each other in a non-sexual way. Just give an intimate massage to each other for about 10 minutes which would create a magical bond between you and your partner. However, you should never think it would end up in sexual activity whereas it would provide better affection and connection.

NEVER SKIP THE PILLOW TALK: You should never skip the lovey-dovey talk time after having sex. It is the best thing which would bring you close together and this would even help in exploring new positions.

EAT TOGETHER AND STAY TOGETHER: Right from the beginning of the relationships, we would have done several things to know each other in a better way. You might even sense that the sparkle in your relationship has been fading but you should do something to bring it back. However, there is this simple way to connect together by having dinner together and eating together and also concentrating on talking about each other’s thoughts and feelings as well.

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