4 Magical DIY Homemade Body Scrubs For Glowing Skin



Well, the monsoon is giving its entrance with better weather and the air becomes drier. So, you have to take extra care of your skin and try to make it soft and smooth. Your skin would be happy if you nourish it in a better way and make it healthy by all means. When the weather gets changes, your skin would also be facing skin-related issues. So, try to prepare bath scrubs to treat your skin better and your skin would thank you in return. So, here are a few bath scrubs to prepare yourself at home.

ALL-ROUNDER INGREDIENTS – LEMON-HONEY SCRUB: What else lemon and honey could not do? Well, it is the best solution for many issues. All you have to do is to take a bowl and grind the ingredients such as one cup of sugar, half a cup of olive oil, squeeze a lemon, and one tablespoon of honey. Just replace it in a mason jar with a seal or lid to store the mixture.

SENSE-STIMULATING PEPPERMINT SCRUB: Nourish your skin in the early morning with effective peppermint scrub by preparing it by yourself. Take a bowl and add ¼ cup of grape-seed oil, two tablespoons of spearmint essential oil, and a half cup of sugar and grind it well with the pestle or with a tablespoon. Now, store in a jar with a seal or lid as it would be helpful for later use.

REFRESHING COFFEE SCRUB: The presence of caffeine in coffee is not only refreshing for you internally but also helpful for your skin externally as it lowers the appearance of cellulite. So, prepare a natural scrub by grinding the mixture of ¼ cup of raw sugar, ¼ cup of ground coffee, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, two tablespoons of coconut oil, and one tablespoon of sea salt. Grind it well and store it in a jar with a seal or lid to use it for later purposes.

CAPTIVATING BROWN SUGAR VANILLA SCRUB: Well, brown sugar and vanilla are the better combination, and use this whenever you are going out. It would be so captivating. Just add a half cup of brown sugar, ¼ cup of white sugar, three tablespoons of vanilla extract, and ¼ cup of almond oil and grind it well. Now, it’s time to store it in a jar with a seal and feel rejuvenating enough every time you use it.

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