4 Most Treasured Beauty Tips For Lustrous Thick Shiny Hair



Stressed over your hair fall or other hair issues?

Fret not, just follow the tricky tips of your grandmother.

Your hair strands make you more beautiful and stunning. People love to nourish their hair strands because it is the major natural beauty adding a thing. You must have to nourish it and meet up the issues such as hair fall or dandruff or frizzy hair. Some might be careless of their hair condition but it is our natural duty to take good care of our hair. It is only then we could enjoy the amazing waves of hair strands when we are out roaming. Meanwhile, some might be tired of trying new things to nourish our hair. Do not worry, there are several tricky secrets our grandmother has treasured for us. It would definitely do magic for your hair strands and makes it shining and stunning as well. Let’s find out the treasured tips of our Grandmothers which are golden remedies for your hair problems.

APPLY OIL BEFORE SHAMPOO BATH: This is usually a common traditional practice for years and years. Your grandmother and mother might often insist you to apply oil before the shampoo bath. The applied oil in the hair helps you to suck up the dirt entirely well. This is the best way to make your hair healthier than ever.

ENJOY LONG BLACK LOCKS WITH FULLER’S EARTH: Well, your grandmother must not have dyed her hair but own their healthy black long hair locks. Ancient women used Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth to pristine their scalp and hair as well. This is how your grandmother and other ancient women used to treat their hair and scalp. Thus, they gained healthy, strong, and long black tresses. Isn’t it a good idea?

SCALP OIL BEFORE BEDTIME: Surely, your grandmother and mother must have impelled you to apply oil in your scalp and to comb your hair before bedtime. The natural oil of the scalp thus shifts down to the remaining hair shaft. This is considered to be the natural conditioner and helps in stimulating the blood flow as well as exfoliates the scalp. Follow this naturally common tip from your grandmother’s treasure box.

DO NOT USE CHEMICAL SHAMPOOS: Probably, you must have come across the suggestion as not to use shampoos. This would not surprise you though. Of course, women wish to have strong locks of hair and your grandmother must be happy about her strong healthy hair. But she would not always stop you from using chemical shampoos instead she must have used apply on her head. Doesn’t it sound uncanny? It does because we might be following it neither. But you gotta think about your grandmother’s healthy hair and she did not dye her hair even.

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