5 Astounding Beauty Benefits of Sour Milk You’ll Never Believe


Of course, all of us would readily throw away the soured or spoiled milk which we think has no use. While milk has numerous health benefits, it could also be helpful in its soured condition. Soured milk has its own ability to enhance your beauty and so you could make the most out of it. When the milk is soured, you would throw it out with a sad or frowned face but by knowing its benefits, you could happily use it. So, check out the following to use the maximum of the soured milk.

TAKE A MILK BATH: Instead of pouring away the soured milk, pour it into your bathtub to enjoy a milk bath. And if you feel the smell from it is stronger, then you could add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to it. When you use soured milk for bathing, it could add your skin smoother and healthier as well. So, try nourishing the entire skin of the body by taking a milk bath.

TRY A FACIAL SESSION: The presence of enzymes and probiotics in the soured milk is highly helpful in improving your skin. So, you could have a facial with the soured milk and is known as Lactic Acid Facial as milk is naturally known to have lactic acid in it. This could help brighten the skin tone. All you have to do is to rub the soured milk on your face which would make your skin smooth and firm. It would also remove tans and thus helps in brightening the skin tone.

VANISHES RASHES AND INFECTIONS: While soured milk is known to be packed with lactic acid, it is also known for its soothing properties. So, you just have to slather it on the infected or irritated area of the skin which would thus help cure the conditions like rashes and other infections.

TREATS DRY SKIN: You should never think that the spoiled or soured condition of the milk would spoil your skin further. If you think so, then you are wrong. You just have to rub or apply soured milk on your dry skin to overcome or heal the condition. It would in turn moisturize the skin and heals the dryness of it. On other hand, you could also prepare a face pack to treat the extremely dry skin by adding a spoon of sour milk, a banana, and a spoon of honey. Later, apply the mixture to your skin and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. This would moisturize and provides softness to the skin as a result.

USE IT TO MAKE THE FEET FEEL BETTER: While your feet are tired of the hectic day, you could have treated it by dipping it in a tub of warm water. But now, you dip your feet in a tub of soured milk mixed along with water which would heal the cracked and dry condition of the feet. This would moisturize your feet and make it feel happier.

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