Beware! 5 Foods You Should Try Not To Eat During The Monsoon


Foods might act as a life-force in every human’s life. When each season of a year enters with its own features, you have to alter your food style depending on the weather. While there are foods you have to include in your diet, you should also ignore it during the wet season. Since the season weakens the digestive system, you have to avoid eating certain foods during the rains. So, here are some of the following foods which should be avoided during the downpour.

SEAFOOD: Rainy season is commonly known as the breeding season for fish and prawns and so they are neglected during this particular season. So, if you are fond of non-veg, you could then go for mutton and chicken instead of seafood. However, you should be cooking well and pick the fresh of all.

FRUIT JUICES AT ROADSIDE VENDORS: You would have captivated by the roadside fruit juices and so you would be gulping it up. But you should be avoiding it during the wet season which could have been infected. Even the fruit-salad might prepare earlier as the fruits are cut in advance and are infected possibly. So, you could prepare juices at home using fresh fruits after being washed thoroughly.

MUSHROOMS: Like green leafy veggies, you have to neglect mushrooms during rains. Mushrooms grow in damp soil and they have to be cleaned thoroughly before consuming. Howbeit, mushrooms should be avoided during rains as they might be infected and bacterial growth on them would be increased. So, You have to ignore the mushrooms.

GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES: You could have known that leafy veggies are generally healthy for your body and even for your weight loss process. But this should be avoided during the wet season. This is because the veggies would be prone to dirt and mud that would be leading to tummy issues. But if you wish to have it necessarily in your diet, then you have to wash them well right before preparing foods.

RAW FOODS: Although eating raw foods could be healthy in many ways, preferring it for wet seasons could be high risk. This is due to the chance of germs and infection. So, you should avoid eating raw veggies and eat them after boiling or steaming them before consuming them. You have to wash the fruits, and veggies properly before slicing them down as the germs clinging to it would be less when washed.

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