5 Fruits You Should Avoid If You Are Actually Into Weight Loss Mode


Losing weight is the toughest thing to do. It requires patience to attain the expected result. You would have to indulge in physical activities and to incorporate a healthy diet as well. You have to take lots of protein-rich foods to enhance your muscle. This would help you to stay satiated for a longer time and avert you from binge foods. While fruits are actually healthy for your body, there are some fruits which you have to avoid as they are weight-loss friendly. This because certain fruits are sweet and are high in calorie count as well. So, here are a few fruits which you have to avoid while you are losing weight.

TINY GRAPES: While grapes are good for your health, it contains sugar and fats. This is why it is not a good option to add grapes in your diet while you are into the process of losing weight. If you take a bunch of these small fruits regularly, it would definitely impact your weight by gaining it.

ENERGY-PROVIDING BANANAS: You might have heard bananas are super-food for your healthy body. Since the fruits are loaded with calories as well as contain excessive natural sugars in it. However, a banana contains about 150 calories and so it is not recommended for those people who are into the process of losing weight. So, if you are eating more than one banana a day, then you have to avoid it. You could have only one for a day and make it a healthy snack.

HEALTHY FATS OF AVOCADOS: Avocado has about 160 calories and so it is not listed in weight-loss-friendly fruits. Howbeit, avocado contains healthy fats which increase your weight while you consume more than the moderate amounts. You do not want to avoid it completely but you could have it in reasonable amounts as it is helpful in your weight loss process.

THE KINGLY-MANGOES: Known to the tropical fruit, Mangoes even incorporate hidden calories which could obstruct your weight-loss process. So, it is good to avoid these kingly fruits as they are extremely sweet. While it is hard to avoid the world’s favorite fruit, you could still have it in a moderate amount rarely.

HEALTHY DRY FRUITS: While dry fruits such as raisins, prunes, and others are healthy, they are not suggested for a weight-loss diet. It is shocking to know how much calories a cup of raisins could contain. So, it would interrupt your weight-loss process. Make sure to watch your weight and so it is good to eat dry fruits in limited amounts. So, you have to watch what you are eating.

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