5 Must Have Cold Weather Spices To Stay Healthy This Winter


While the cold weather out there hits you hard, you could have done things to make you feel comfy and healthy when you embrace the chill breeze. As you do so much for your hygge, you must have also thought about delectable foods especially those that have been flavored by spices. So, here are some of the winter spices which provide you healthy and comfy feel.

TURMERIC: Being a popular spice, Turmeric has been a medicinal herb that has been used for ages. The powerful antioxidant properties of the spices would be helpful in combating the free radicals and heals several health issues. It does more by aiding and improving the body’s own enzymatic responses to free radicals as well. The curcumin, being a robust antioxidant, would make you feel better by improving serotonin in the brain.

GINGER: Like turmeric, ginger is highly valued for its effective health benefits. Extremely beneficial for your body’s health, ginger could be your acquaintance during winters and even during any other seasons. It is not only known for the first thing to go for gastrointestinal discomfort but also aids in neutralizing the cholesterol levels. Experiencing sore throat is one of the common issues during winters but ginger is useful in soothing your throat. So, stock up ginger at home and even if you are traveling during cold weather.

CARDAMOM OR QUEEN OF SPICES: Known as “Queen of spices”, cardamom is used for its flavor that has got its unique place in a pantry. This favorable spice is available in two types such as brown and green. The green cardamom is the one used commonly during winters in both sweet foods and savory foods. However, cardamom is highly known for regulating metabolic rate, glucose intolerance, and oxidative stress as well.

CINNAMON: While we are talking about the rich spices, how come we could forget about the importance of cinnamon? Yes, cinnamon is helpful from reducing weight to balancing the increased blood sugar level. This is your winter buddy to make you feel better. So, you just could not leave it just like that as it has been a powerful spice.

NUTMEG: The teeth-chattering weather could make you run for a comfy place. While foods could make you feel hygge and healthy during winters, here is one such spice is known as nutmeg. By simply sprinkling a little nutmeg to your dishes, it would help you feel amazing during the winters. Nutmeg might be helpful in enhancing your mood and cognitive function as per the studies. So, spike up your winter spirit with the help of nutmeg.

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