6 Phenomenal Health Benefits of Cardamom You Should Know


Being a wonderful spice from nature, cardamom is known for its aroma and helps in preparing several dishes. The sweet-flavored seed pod is naturally helpful in healing qualities and numerous health benefits. Since it is the flavoring agent, cardamom is used in Ayurvedic medicines which help in enhancing physical strength. Most of us would not like to eat cardamom while we found it in dishes but we must have to learn the wonderful benefits of cardamom. Then we might think twice before frowning at cardamom in the dishes. So, learn some of the amazing health benefits of sweet seed pods.

PREVENTS AND TREATS BAD BREATH AND CAVITIES: While you use cardamom to treat bad breath, it would directly improve your oral health. Known as an ancient remedy, it is used to freshen your breath by eating the whole of cardamom pods after a meal. This is because cardamom could be helpful in combating the common mouth bacteria. Some research has also exhibited that cardamom extract could help lower the number of bacteria in saliva.

TREATS DIGESTIVE ISSUES AND ULCERS TOO: For thousands and thousands of years, cardamom has been used for digestion. Used as a medicinal spice, cardamom is used to alleviate discomfort, nausea, and vomiting. The researches exhibit that cardamom would be able to relieve stomach issues and even heal ulcers.

REDUCES BLOOD PRESSURE: Cardamom helps manage blood pressure. This is possible with the help of the presence of the antioxidant and diuretic properties in cardamom. Studies have shown that cardamom might lower the blood pressure due to the presence of a diuretic effect which means that it could promote urination to flush out the water that accumulated in your body.

AVERTS CANCER: Did you know cardamom could be helpful in preventing cancer? Well, cardamom is helpful in fighting cancer because of the presence of the cancer-fighting compounds. Also, this wonderful spice is helpful in enhancing the ability of natural killer cells to fight and attack tumors as per the studies.

PROTECTS FROM CHRONIC-DISEASES: When it comes to inflammation, it would have occurred in your body when it is exposed to foreign substances. While acute inflammation is essential as well as beneficial, long-term inflammation could lead to chronic diseases. But you have to say thanks to cardamom pods as it is helpful in protecting your body against chronic diseases. This is because it fights against inflammation which leads to chronic diseases. The presence of anti-inflammatory compounds in sweet pods would be helpful in combating inflammation.

LOWERS BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL: When you start taking cardamom in powder form, it would possibly help you to lower the blood sugar. But then, it might not have the same impact on type 2 diabetic persons. However, more studies are needed to test cardamom’s effect on blood sugar in humans.

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