5 Natural Foods That Cool Down Your Stomach During The Hot Days


Presently, People often complain about their upset stomach and they forget to look at what they have consumed. The increasing heat of the summer would put your stomach in trouble as well. Fortunately, we have several natural ingredients to calm and cool down the stomach to regulate the bowel movement. Let’s check out the natural ingredients to cool down your stomach this summer!

CUMIN SEEDS: Cumin is helpful in the secretion of various digestive enzymes in the pancreas which thus aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients. You could have cumin soaked water or roasted cumin or its grounded form in curd and soups.

GINGER: Used for its health benefits, ginger helps in digestion, reducing inflammation and heartburn. It would ease the intestinal track as well. Get the benefit of wonderful as well as a healthy herb by consuming the ginger water along with lemon drops.

YOGURT: As we all know that dairy products are tough to digest, yogurt reacts just opposite. As it contains probiotics, it would help increase the number of good bacteria in the gut for a healthy stomach. It would also aid in digestion and reduce the uneasy feeling of being bloated.

BANANAS: Bananas provide instant energy and are known to be easily digestible fruits. As it contains pectin, it would be thus helpful in regulating the bowel movement naturally.

PAPAYA: The gifted fruit for curing upset stomach and diarrhea. When you eat papaya, it would directly improve digestion, ease indigestion, and help with constipation as well. This is due to the presence of an enzyme called papain which is a natural digestive enzyme that helps in breaking up foods irritating the stomach. Also, chymopapain would help break down proteins and ease the stomach by promoting a healthy acidic environment.

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