5 Healthful Life Long Benefits of Consuming FIG Juice



A glass of healthy fig juice for your overall health!

A sip or bite of the fig might improve your reproductive health and enhance your sexual life.

The most powerful and healthy fruit of all is fig or popularly known as “anjeer” in India. When you eat one slice o this dry fruit, it would provide you amazing benefits to your health. This is one of the important things added to the diet of Romans and Greeks. This, in turn, helps to improve your strength and energy because of the nutrition present in it. Fig is a rich source of fiber, water, and minerals such as calcium, potassium, and manganese. Being a nutrition-packed fruit, the fig is known for its power to treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). When you drink just a glass of fig juice regularly, you could witness the effective results in your body. It not only provides health benefits but it is also useful for enhancing your natural skin tone and makes your hair stronger and healthier.

BATTLES BLADDER STONES: Well, bladder stone could be formed due to the amassing of mineral deposits in the bladder. As fig juice is rich in minerals and nutrients, it is low in cholesterol and sodium and thus making it effective to fight against bladder stone.

ENHANCES REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: This divine fruit is considered to be a sacred one as well as an aphrodisiac one by the ancient Greeks. Probably, you might have come across its aphrodisiac qualities. It is known as the symbol of fertility and love as well. As it is packed with minerals such as zinc, manganese, magnesium, and iron, the fig is known for enhancing your reproductive health. Meanwhile, it treats hormonal imbalances and prevents post-menopausal breast cancer as well.

PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH AND COLLAGEN FORMATION: Doesn’t it sound new to you? Yes! By consuming fig juice regularly, it would help you to improve your hair growth as it is rich in magnesium. It is also found to be enhancing collagen formation which makes your hair and skin healthy. It also controls hair loss because of the presence of vitamins C and E.

ENHANCES YOUR NATURAL SKIN TONE: The presence of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients in fig maintains the health of the skin. It helps you to overcome skin issues such as sores, warts, acne, and pimples because of its healing properties. Due to the presence of an antioxidant, it helps to fight the free radicals which damage the skin. This is how it prevents the symptoms of aging as well.

BETTER REPLACEMENT FOR BREAST MILK: To our surprise, the freshly squeezed fig juice is a perfect replacement for breast milk. It could even result in better growth of the infant in a few months. It is highly suggested for women who could not feed their infants due to infection. Since the composition of fig juice is equal to breast milk, it is a good substitute for breast milk.

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