5 Power Packed Nuts To Amazingly Enhance Your Immunity


Do not avoid your mom’s handful of love for you!

Nuts could do magic for your entire body!

Nuts are always the best of all foods. Loaded with the nutrients, nuts could do wonders for your entire health. Did you remember when your mother tried pushing the handful of nuts for you? Well, you might have now realized how healthy it would be as a coronavirus (COVID-19) has made you turn your heads towards the consumption of nuts. Since Lockdown has been getting over at some places and people are stepping out of their houses, you gotta be ready to take extra care and prevent yourself from getting infected. Even though you follow up preventive measures such as washing hands, avoiding contact with sick individuals, and other good hygiene activities, you should never forget to boost up your immunity which would be highly helpful in fighting against the virus. So, here are 5 power-packed nuts that you should add every day in your diet as they are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other healthy compounds as well.

PISTACHIOS: Pistachios are healthy for your body as it is good in Vitamin B6. It helps you in proper blood flow by carrying oxygen through the bloodstream to cells and also maintains the health of lymphoid glands including thymus, spleen, and lymph nodes. Altogether, Pistachios helps in the production of white blood cells which thus protects your body from infections.

CASHEW NUTS: Cashews are the best energy providing one. Well, when there is a lack of zinc, you could easily get infected as your immune system needs zinc essentially. The zinc is indispensable for the development of immune system cells, the production of antioxidant enzymes, and the activity of immune system regulators as per the experts. So, cashews are good in zinc and copper which would in turn help in boosting the immunity of your body and defend your body from infection.

ALMONDS: Almonds have everything your body needs. Just have it as a snack and you could even add it in the salads and yogurt. The presence of vitamin E could help you to boost up the immune system function as it also serves as antioxidant properties. Just soak few almonds overnight and have it next morning.

BRAZIL NUTS: Brazil nuts incorporate several nutrients that would have a greater impact on your immune system. It has several nutrients such as selenium, zinc, and iron that are essential to building up a healthy body. However, selenium is an important one for a healthy immune system and helps to avert damage to our nerves and cells naturally.

WALNUTS: When it comes to nuts, walnuts are not exceptional. They are a good source of vitamins and minerals such as copper and vitamin B6. Thus, walnuts are helpful in maintaining good bone and nerve health and immune system function as well. Howbeit, the presence of Vitamin B6 is helpful in strengthening your immune system and also promotes nerve health.

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