5 Super Healthful Foods You Should Consume During The Monsoon Season


Naturally, you might be tempted to eat certain hot snacks to eat during rainy days. But monsoon would bring a high amount of humidity which would in turn affect the functioning of our digestive system. The unhygienic conditions would damage the immune system of the body. To protect yourself from the consequences of the monsoon weather, you have to get adapt to healthy habits. So, you have to take care of your health every day during the rainy season. Try to consume healthy snacks during the monsoon and so here are a few snacks to add to your diet.

HAVE SEASONAL FRUITS AND VEGGIES: To maintain good energy levels all day, you have to add seasonal fruits such as apples, pears, or pomegranates to your diet. You could add cucumber slices which would infuse you with the iron and phosphorous content in which your body is in need. It is advisable to include bitter gourd and fenugreek in your diet which would thus be helpful in protecting yourself from infections. Above all, you have to wash your hands before handling fruits and veggies.

ADD LIGHT FOOD ITEMS: Since your digestive system is weak during monsoon, it is suggested to consume easily digestible foods. Fruits, veggies, green leafy veggies, pulses, rice are recommended to consume. You could also choose to use olive oil, ghee, or sunflower oil which could thus be beneficial in strengthening your digestive system.

ADD EXCELLENT SPICES TURMERIC AND GARLIC: When you maintain healthy immunity and metabolism, it is garlic which helps in the betterment of the body. You could just add soups or curries or spicy snacks which provides a difference. Since turmeric is a natural antibiotic agent, you could be protected from monsoon illnesses such as cold and cough when you consume turmeric with milk.

DRY FOODS IS THE BEST OPTION: You could dance in the rain with corn which is famously known as Makka. The other dry foods such as chickpea or oats would help you to prevent swelling or bloating of the body. You could not expect monsoon to be only good but it also has its other side of illness. In order to enjoy the rainy season without worrying, you should always watch out for what you are adding to your diet.  So, you should also avoid eating at an unhygienic place outside and should be extra cautious as the pandemic is still prevailing.

ENSURE TO BE HYDRATED: In order to stay hydrated, you have to drink enough water. It would also be helpful in building up your immunity as it would wash out the toxins from the body. It is also advisable to boil your water before drinking and try to replace the cups of tea and coffee with healthy drinks. You could also have buttermilk to maintain your digestion.

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