6 best dry fruits for healthy glowing skin


Dry fruits are indispensably healthy both for our skin and entire health by keeping us fit. Men and women are concerned about their skin and body to keep fit and healthy, in shape. However, the intake should be healthy as well. The intake of food will reflect the health of our body both exterior and interior. Naturally, dry fruits are packed with micronutrients, fiber, and vitamins. Nothing is more exciting than choosing natural ways to glow your skin as well as enriching your body? Yes! Drink dry fruit juice every day and you can witness a real healthy life. Let’s peer into the different types of dry fruits and how can they help you in having healthy skin.

CASHEW NUTS: Cashew nuts help in retaining healthy skin. Cashew nuts are stuffed with niacin which fights against various skin disorders. It is known as an ideal dry fruit for glowing skin as it contains copper which helps in skin revitalization. Thereby, it makes the skin glowing, combating with free radicals. It also shields the skin from dermatitis and pigmentation.

PISTACHIO: Pistachios are as healthy as it looks. It actively takes part in eliminating the dryness in the skin. The fat in this nut makes this dry fruit ideal for traditional therapies like aromatherapy and various other massage therapies. It provides the skin the youthful radiance and glow.

DATES: We all know that dates are essentially the best dry fruit to be consumed daily. Dates are a good source of vitamin C, which in turn inflates the elasticity of the skin. It thus helps in making skin fair, smooth and tender. In addition to this, it also decreases the fine lines and wrinkles on facial skin.

DRIED FIGS: How about you picking up these dried figs rather than chemical added face products? When figs are mashed with curd and used as a facial pack, it de-tans the skin and transforms the skin into a fairer tone. The anti-oxidant property in figs helps in boosting a healthy glowing skin.

RAISINS: Naturally, people like to eat this fruit as a snack due to its sweetness. Now, when you get to know about its anti-aging property, you will definitely intake it on a daily basis. The presence of anti-oxidants slows down the aging of the skin and prevents skin sagging. It is also packed with rich vitamin A, potassium and other nutrients that are beneficial for the entire health.

WALNUTS: Walnuts plays a vital role in skin nourishing and making it glow. And so, it is one of the best and ideal dry fruits for skincare. They are packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals which are actively involved in enhancing the beauty of the skin. It acts as an anti-aging agent and also protects the skin from various skin infections.

You can also consume dry fruit juice every morning before breakfast. The simple way to prepare the juice is to take the required amount of dates, raisins, pistachio, and badam, soak it in the water overnight and grind it well by adding the required amount of water the next morning. You can now consume this simplest and healthiest dry fruit juice, shine yourself with a great glow!

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