6 Easiest Stretching Exercises To Increase Your Flexibility


When it comes to fitness many people focus on cardiovascular fitness and strength but flexibility exercises are forgotten. Increasing your flexibility not only helps you with other exercises but also make your day-to-day tasks easier. Doctors and physical therapists agree that flexibility is vital and you must gear fitness with a three-pronged approach by including cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility conditioning. Below are various exercises to increase your flexibility.



We all have heard that yoga helps reduce stress and improves focus. Yoga is also an excellent way to build muscle and increase flexibility and balance. Any type of yoga, both with static poses where you are holding a pose for several seconds, or continually moving throughout poses.



Though pilates does not focus on improving flexibility like yoga does, but it does build strength particularly core strength. Improving your core strength through Pilates will increase your balance in yoga, ultimately resulting in greater flexibility. Consider pilates and yoga to be complementary.

Exercise Bands


These are affordable, easy, effective, adaptable to a variety of fitness levels, can be used to exercise your entire body, and can be using with your current workout routine. Flexibility without any risk of injury and it can be used anywhere.



Dance is an excellent activity if you want to improve flexibility. Each part of your body takes a wide range of motion improving flexibility and utilizing small muscle groups that may otherwise get neglected through traditional exercises, especially exercise machines. Dancing improves your agility and combines both flexibility training with cardio, and you can easily add ankle weights or arm cuff weights to the intensity.  

Foam Rollers


These are available in various shapes and sizes, but they are all designed to help you loosen the muscle fascia, increase circulation, and improve flexibility through something called “self-myofascial release.” Foam rollers can specifically help you ease tension on your IT band, lengthen your hamstrings, and enhance your spinal extension.



Lunges and squats are not only great to tone your butts but also are excellent exercises for improving your flexibility. All Lunges work on different muscles and develop your flexibility like walking lunges, curtsy lunges, and side to side lunges. In your workout routine include squats and push-ups to squeeze in some flexibility and strength training.

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