6 Healthiest Super Foods To Promote Hair Growth


6 Foods To Eat To Promote Hair Growth

Wanna have elongated locks of hair?

Wanna prevent hair loss?

You just have to include these healthy foods in your diet to promote good healthy hair.

The nutrition infused foods are the real scrumptious foods but people really do not care about their intake. Healthy foods not only provide you good health but also proffer you long and healthy locks of hair. So, it is paramount to incorporate certain foods in your daily diet which in turn helps in improving your hair growth. It thus helps you to own shiny and silky. Make sure you include the following food items in your daily diet for your hair growth.

SPINACH: One of the major causes of hair loss is due to the loss of minerals. You just gotta include spinach in your diet which could balance the level of minerals and folate, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. All these nutrients help in enhancing the growth of the hair. However, spinach is considered to be the natural hair conditioner due to the presence of sebum. Additionally, the spinach contains Omega 3 fatty acids which retain your hair to be healthy and shiny.

CINNAMON: People must be aware of the health benefits of cinnamon but were they aware of cinnamon’s beauty benefits? Well, cinnamon is used in boosting the healthy blood circulation to brain and hair follicles as well. It could be consumed every day in the morning for better health.

NUTS: People must inhabit the consumption of nuts on a daily basis. Eating nuts should be a mandatory thing in everyone’s life as it has several benefits. Again, nuts are a rich source of Vitamin E. When you have 28 grams of nuts, it would quench the 37% of the daily requirement. Further, they are rich in containing essential fatty acids that are good for health as well. So, nuts could also be helpful in providing healthy hair strands.

SOYBEANS: Here comes another super-healthy food with a good source of iron and spermidine. Women who suffer from the deficiency of iron could intake soybeans in their diet daily. Soybean also assists in enhancing your metabolism, protects the health of the heart, and helps in weight gain. With these benefits, Soybean proffers you healthy hair.

EGGS: The presence of biotin in the eggs would help you in hair growth. Did you know that biotin is a hair supplement? If not, get to know about the presence of biotin in the egg which kindles the production of the hair protein keratin. Apart from this, eggs are also a great source of protein, zinc, and selenium which in turn also helps in promoting hair’s health.

SALMON: Being healthy in multiple ways, salmon is helpful in reducing hair fall and also promotes hair growth because of a rich source of omega 3 and omega 6. Also, the presence of vitamin D3 and protein in salmon offers better shining hair.

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