7 Healthful Winter Friendly Foods You Should Add To Your Diet


You would be waiting for winter weather but when it is here you could be longing for warm weather. So, you might take a few steps to be enjoying the safe and happy winter days. You might alter several things from changing the type of clothes you wear to making things warm inside your house. But you do not want to do these things instead choose to have winter-friendly foods which would help you to stay warm enough and enjoy the winter instead of getting under the thick woolen bed sheets. So, check out the following foods to incorporate in your diet to warm yourself up.

ESSENTIAL SPICES: The traditional spices which have been placed in your kitchen are highly helpful during the winter season. Spices like turmeric, ajwain, and others would be highly effective in protecting you against seasonal colds and coughs. So, you could have tea or coffee by using these spices. They could maintain a healthy digestive system and help you to stay warm as well.

CHILL WITH TULSI AND GINGER: The best herbs with both anti-biotic and anti-viral benefits are Tulsi and Ginger. You could feel warm by sipping some coffee or tea with these powerful herbs while it is chill outside. So, never avoid tulsi and ginger during winter as they are naturally easing and soothing for your throat.

ENERGIZING DRY FRUITS AND NUTS: The nutty taste would not only provide you strength but also helps in making you warm. You could have a handful of almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, and raisins and enjoy the chill days of winter. Stay warming by snacking on some handful of nuts.

HEALTHY CHOICE OF JAGGERY: Jaggery is the perfect choice if you are finding an alternative for sugar. When you add a little jaggery to your dish or drink, it would be helpful for you during the winter days. So, taste some sweet and protect yourself from wintery illness.

HEALTHY FAT – GHEE: Even though you avoid consuming ghee, you could have it in a moderate amount in your diet. When you add this healthy fat to your plate, it could provide you great skin along with warmness to feel strong during winter weather. So, try to taste the healthy fat in your foods.

FEW GREEN PEAS: Green peas are one of the winter-friendly foods which are packed with coumestrol, a phytonutrient that prevents cancer. However, green peas and other legumes are a great source of vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, and beta-carotene. These components would help you in the chill days of winter by keeping you warm.

A SPOON OF HONEY: Being an alternative for sugar, honey is beneficial for your body in several ways, especially during cold weather. The presence of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in this sweet natural liquid would be helpful in managing blood pressure, It is cholesterol-free and sodium-free as well. So, drink a glass of warm water by mixing a few drops of honey to it to feel warm during the chill breeze.

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