6 Healthy Potassium rich foods you should start adding to your diet


The need for essential nutrients and minerals in the body would help develop your body to be strong and healthy. While you are giving importance to some of the nutrients and minerals, you completely forget about others and even giving less importance to other nutrients regardless of your body’s craving. One such nutrient is known to be potassium which would play a major role in the communication of nerves and keeping your sodium level in control. On the other hand, the lack of potassium would lead to several issues in your body as it is a necessary nutrient in maintaining body fluids. It would also help prevent chronic diseases and so you should never ditch the power of potassium in the body. So, start including potassium-rich foods in your diet. Note down the following!

SWEET POTATO: Sweet potatoes are highly beneficial for your health. Being loaded with potassium, this sweet potato is full of potassium along with vitamins A and C which would provide good care for eyes and skin and fill your body with much-needed potassium. Known to be fibrous veggies, sweet potatoes are great for your diet. One of the best methods to consume sweet potatoes is to boil and mash them.

WATERMELON: This summer fruit is a rich source of potassium. Could you believe it? Well, just have some slices of watermelon and consume it as two slices of watermelon would provide you 641 mg of potassium. Popularly known as weight-loss-friendly fruit, watermelons are packed with water to the maximum. Also, the fruit is rich in lycopene, vitamins A and C and so you could snack on it to make you feel full thereby curbing your cravings. Meanwhile, when you have cold-pressed watermelon juice, you could get more potassium than from two slices of the fruit. So, you should never avoid watermelon.

BEETS: Beetroots are amazing veggie which could be used to prepare soups, salads, and juices too. Beet has almost 518 mg of potassium which could be good for snacking. Even if you do not like to have beetroot juice, you could have it as soup or salads. The beetroot juice is a rich source of oxygen and even athletes who consumed beetroot juice seemed to perform much better than others as per the studies.

COCONUT WATER: Coconut water is the best liquid option if you are looking for potassium content. A cup of refreshing coconut water is filled with 600 mg of potassium and it does not have any added sugar. It would naturally control your sugar hankerings as well. This would be the best hydrating liquid which would provide energy to the dehydrated body. It is not advised to have pre-packaged coconut water from the stores as it might not be natural and fresh.

PLAIN YOGURT: One of the great sources of potassium is plain yogurt. More than Greek yogurt, plain yogurt has more potassium as a cup of it would contain 573 mg of potassium. It would also provide your body the calcium content it needs and it is best to prepare at your home naturally.

SPINACH: This is a combination of both mineral and potassium-rich food that could be charging up your body. You could get your daily dose of potassium from this easily available leafy veggie. The presence of vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium in spinach would help make your body healthy. You should ensure to have it in its fresh form. It would also be helpful in the weight-loss journey by making you fuller for a longer time.

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