6 Miraculous Benefits of Cuddling Every Couple Should Know



The more you cuddle, the more the benefits are!

Cuddling, the act of expressing your love!

Who else does not like to cuddle with their loved ones? We could view cuddling as an action but when you experience a few moments of cuddling with your special one would have no words to express. You would feel like you are at the top of the world of happiness. In fact, we all are born with an innate quality of cuddling.  It starts from the very moment you born and lying on your mother’s lap. One could never resist the feelings he or she gets from the cuddling. It could be the best of all at the time of intimacy as well. Being wrapped in the arms of your loveable partner and gazing at each other, cuddling makes you both rejuvenate and healthy. However, a cloud nine feel of cuddling after sex has several benefits for the couples. Let’s check out the astonishing benefits of being wrapped in the arms of your loved ones.

CREATES A HAPPY AND HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP: Every cuddling releases oxytocin, which is a feel-happy hormone. The released hormone enhances the overall happiness in your life as per the studies. Cuddling after sex would provide amazing relaxation and do wonders for your health and happiness. It is essential to lead a healthy relationship.

ALLEVIATES PAIN: Well, there is something mysteriously amazing about the touch of your loved one. A touch of healing it might be! It might not only be your partner but also anyone whom you value the most. It might be a touch of your mom’s hand that heals the pain you are going through in your life. Similarly, the oxytocin released during the cuddling could comfort your pain. Wrapping and cuddling act as a pill for your pain.

GOOD FOR YOUR SEX LIFE: Research has revealed that the cuddling session after sex would proffer the satisfaction level for your sex life. You as well as your partner feel happy about your growing bond.

REDUCES THE CHANCE OF HEART DISEASE: When it comes to lowering heart disease, cuddling also reduces the other factors associated with heart diseases. The factors such as high blood pressure, stress, and anxiety are also decreased by the act of cuddling. You never have an idea what a daily cuddling activity could do for your heart as it has health benefits for your heart.

BOOSTS YOUR IMMUNITY: And again the feel-good hormone, Oxytocin plays a major role in boosting up the immunity of your body. Your body would be recharged with all the good things happening which makes your immune system stronger. Have you ever noted that happy and positive people would not fall ill? Yes, cuddling makes you happier and you would feel healthy by having good immunity power.

ENHANCES AFFECTION: Nothing could replace the experience and revitalization you get from cuddling. The growing intimacy you experience after sex would not be matched with any other feelings in the world. Your actions would express your affection towards your loved one. However, the act of wrapping your partner would convey what you wanted to communicate with your partner. The cuddling often leads to better affection between the couples. Nevertheless, the dopamine released during the cuddling would stimulate your sexual desire as well.

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