6 Most Effective Ways To Improve Your Kids Health This Monsoon Season


Monsoon weather sprinkles the ecstasy and joy and the great relief from the summer heat. Often children are the ones who are most affected during the rainy season. While each joyful drops of the rain would tempt kids to play with them, it could also provide certain diseases as well. Since most kids have low immunity power, they are the ones who are more prone to waterborne diseases such as common cold, viral fever, diarrhea, jaundice, malaria, etc. So, this is the season where parents would be worried about their kids falling sick. This would make parents be extra careful in their kids’ health and focus on improving the health of their kids. Check out the simple tips to follow during monsoon to keep your kids healthy and fit during monsoon.

NOURISH YOUR KIDS WITH WARM FOODS: This is the best thing you could for your kids. Prepare foods at home and provide it warm for your kids. It would help avert food poisoning as it is fresh and warm and healthy. You must also avoid feeding raw seafood and shellfish and it is even best to avoid seafood during this season. If you are providing sprouts to kids, just steam it first and then serve it to them.

PROVIDE BOILED WATER TO YOUR KIDS: While most monsoon diseases are known to be waterborne, you should start to drink hot or warm water and make your kids drink warm water as well. Just make sure to keep your kids away from the beverages and ice and ice cream even if your kids want it badly. Also, prevent your children from drinking juices, milkshakes, ice creams from street vendors.

SURPRISE YOUR KIDS WITH VEGGIE DELIGHTS: You should ensure to schedule a better and healthy diet chart for your kids during rainy days. Most kids would frown at veggie foods and so you could add certain veggies in home-made pizzas, spicy snacks, wheat pasta, or Maggie with broccoli and capsicum, sandwiches with veggies or infuse healthy veggies with any favorite snacks or dishes they like to binge. But before using these vitamin-rich veggies you should ensure to wash it well.

DO NOT USE CUT FRUITS: It is normal to avoid the king of fruits during the monsoon. But fruits such as pears, peaches, plums, papayas, and bananas should be a part of your kids’ diet every day. So, make sure to give your kids healthy and whole fruits and do not use cut fruits.

MAKE SURE TO KEEP ENVIRONMENT CLEAN: Wherever you are, you should ensure to keep your surroundings clean and free of mosquitoes and other insects. You could use different repellents and apply it to your kids. You could also use for repellent sprays and protect your kids and yourself from pesky flies and other insects. Also, you should make sure that your environment is free of garbage and stagnant water.

MAKE YOUR KIDS TO CLEAN THEIR HANDS: Give a strict follow up for your kids to clean their hands. As parents, you should practice healthy habits which would automatically make your kids follow you. Make them wash their hands right before having their food.

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