6 Phenomenal Health Benefits of Kala Namak (Black Salt)


Ever tried sprinkling some black salt to your foods? Yes, black salt is nothing but it is natural, black colored, rock salt which has a slightly pungent smell. Commonly available, Black salt incorporates unique sulfurous compounds which are useful in many ways. Even the presence of iron and other essential minerals in the salt would make it pinkish-grey color. But if you do not know about the health benefits associated with black salt, then you really gotta know about its history in Ayurveda which provides a number of health benefits for your body. When you consume black salt regularly, your body would be infused with potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, silicon, strontium, lithium, and sulfur as well. However, black salt is popular in South Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It has been working as a medicine to treat several diseases. Check out the following benefits of black salt.

RELIEVES CONSTIPATION: You should never ignore the constipation issue as it would be connected to many health problems. It would thus interrupt and collapse our healthy life. By replacing common salt with black salt, it would be helpful to relieve the constipation problem since black salt works as a mild laxative.

GREAT FOR CARDIAC HEALTH: Due to the presence of a lower amount of sodium, black salt is the best alternative for common salt and helpful for people suffering from high blood pressure or cardiac issues. It would be helpful in lowering the high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure level, and promote regular heartbeat as well. So, you have to use branded black salt in the place of common salt.

GETS RID OF INTESTINAL GAS AND HEARTBURN: According to Ayurvedic medicine, black salt is known to be the cooling spice. It could be highly beneficial for people who tend to flatulence. It would thus be helpful in alleviating intestinal gas formation and heartburn as well.

MANAGES DIABETES: Adding black salt to the food is beneficial for maintaining the normal blood glucose level as well as avert diabetes. People suffering from diabetes could add black salt to lower the need for insulin intake. So, it is advisable to take black salt along with your everyday diet plan as it would help you manage diabetes or prevent it.

IMPROVES DIGESTION: Traditionally, black salt has been used to enhance your digestive capacity. It is even helpful in treating mild intestinal disorders and makes you enjoy healthy digestion. Often, people are suffering from low-grade acidity. So, it could be treated by adding black salt to your daily diet. Also, indigestion and excessive intestinal gas formation could be prevented with the help of black salt. It would thus be helpful in enhancing your digestion capacity, and overall stomach health.

TREATS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: When you take excessive salt, it would lead to the risk of high blood pressure which in turn causes cardiovascular disease, gastric cancer, osteoporosis, cataracts, kidney stones, and diabetes too. As of now, you get to know why you have to reduce the intake of salt or sodium. However, the sodium content of black salt is low when compared to common salt. So, when you replace the common salt with black salt in your kitchen, it would be helpful to lower the chance of serious diseases by keeping your blood pressure in check.

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