6 Things You Should Always Avoid Doing On An Empty Stomach


Almost every one of us would wish to lead a healthy life and so we would focus on things which are actually proffering health benefits. When it comes to a healthy life, you might have used to follow some good food items to have on an empty stomach. While many food items provide a positive impact on your body, several food items would negatively impact your health when you have it on an empty stomach. So, here are some of the habits which you should avoid doing from now on.

JUMPING ONTO THE BED: If you go to bed on an empty stomach, then you could never enjoy a night of deep sleep. This is because your body needs to have a healthy glucose level to enjoy a good night’s sleep. This is why it is always advisable to intake something right before hitting the bed. So, you could go for dairy products as it is a good choice to have before bedtime.

DRINKING TEA OR COFFEE: Often, people use to drink coffee or tea in the morning on an empty stomach. Most of you could not digest it, right? Well, it is highly recommended not to have tea or coffee on an empty stomach as it could interrupt your digestive system and create many health issues. This occurs because of an increased acidic level of the body which could even make you vomit. But then, if you really wish to have tea or coffee on an empty stomach, ensure to have a glass of water in the morning before sipping it or have some biscuits along with it.

CONSUMING SPICY FOOD ITEMS: When you munch on some spicy food items on an empty stomach, it could directly create a lot of stomach related issues. Especially, it could create problems in your stomach lining and makes you uncomfortable. So, it is good to avoid munching spicy food items on an empty stomach.

HAVING SOME CHEWING GUMS: Did you know chewing gums produce a digestive acid when they actually reach the stomach? Yes, it happens so. It is this acid that creates gastric issues and damages your stomach lining when you have chewing gums on an empty stomach. Even if you wish to have one, you could go for chewing gums with a natural sweetener.

HITTING GYM FOR HEAVY WORKOUT SESSION: How could your body function without energy? Yes, your body would not support you in doing heavy workouts when you do it on an empty stomach. This would never help you develop muscle mass but make you feel weak. So, have some nuts or bananas or any energy-providing drinks or food items that would help you throughout the workout session.

BOOZING: If you really have an idea of boozing on an empty stomach, you just have to drop it as it would provide an unimaginable hangover. But you could ensure to have a snack right before sipping alcohol as it would help you. Or else, your body would absorb what you consume twice faster than usual and take a longer time to break it down as well. So, avoid boozing on an empty stomach.

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