7 Amazing Ways to Use an Electric Kettle

One of the most frequently overlooked kitchen appliances is an electric kettle. How about if we told you it has a plethora of purposes, one of which is heating water for a cup of coffee/tea in the morning? That would be really fantastic, wouldn’t it? That is exactly what we will do in this piece. Let’s have a look at some of the best ways to get the most out of an electric kettle.

Amazing ways to use an electric kettle:
Boil milk

For all of you who adore milk and cannot imagine having either tea or coffee without it, this is a terrific way to put your electric kettle to use. Whether you merely want a cup of coffee, a hot chocolate, or perhaps some warm milk, simply pour a little in the kettle and let’s go. You must, however, keep in mind that you must be very careful while using a kettle to boil milk. Overheating milk can cause spills or emit a burnt odour. But aside from that, using an electric kettle for such a purpose is fantastic.

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Boil eggs

It’s true that you can also cook eggs in a kettle, although most people are unaware of this. Put the eggs in the kettle and turn it on. The only thing to bear in mind is that an electric kettle stops on its own, so you must keep turning it on each time this occurs. Continue the process for around 12-15 minutes, and you’re done! Also, we do not advocate boiling eggs in a kettle with a coil at the bottom, but you can certainly do so if the kettle has a flat bottom.

Cook instant noodles

Use your electric kettle to make fiery instant noodles as well as ramen if you’re having some guests over or are very much in the mood for some spicy food. Simply boil enough water in your kettle then pour it into your ramen noodle cup, and then wait a few minutes. Prepare to succumb to your nighttime desires and nibble away. And, because you can cook eggs in the same electric kettle, you can soft boil some eggs for 5 minutes and eat them alongside your steaming hot ramen cup noodles!

Make steaming hot soup

On a stormy evening, a steaming cup of soup is the ideal companion. You don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen making your favourite soup, though. Simply slice the veggies into tiny pieces and place them in the kettle with the appropriate quantity of water. Within minutes, a hot, delectable soup will be ready. Moreover, you can use quick soup powder in a kettle of the appropriate water.

Whip up some oatmeal

We’re all aware that oatmeal is ideal for a quick and healthy breakfast. And you can make it easily with your electric kettle. Bring some water to a boil then pour it into a cup of oats and add a lid on top. After a few minutes, remove the lid and your oatmeal is ready to consume. You can always just add nuts as well as fruits to make the breakfast more appealing, drizzle some honey and perhaps even maple syrup on top of the oats, and enjoy your breakfast in minutes.

Melt chocolate

Melted chocolate is a delicious touch to ice creams and sweets, but melting it by heating is often difficult since chocolate is so very sensitive to temperature and alters the taste. Simply heat sufficient water in an electric kettle then pour it into a bowl to get smooth melted chocolate. Then, lay the chocolate bowl over the heated water bowl and whisk continually until the chocolate produces a shiny mixture. You may mix it with butter to produce a delightful fudgy icing, or you could just add it to coffee, drinks, and pastries.

Boil water for beauty treatments

Who says you need to visit a salon every several months when you can achieve the same look in the convenience of your own home? Simply boil some water, combine it with plain water, and pour it into a tub. Prepare to soak your feet and receive a home spa treatment. You may also warm water, dip a clean towel into it, and apply it on your face; you’ll feel refreshed and energised in no time. To avoid burns, combine ordinary water with hot water.

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