7 Most Powerful Health Benefits of Drinking Ajwain (Carrom Seeds) Water


Like fennel seeds, ajwain seeds are known for adding flavor or aroma to the dishes you prepare. It is also associated with several health benefits which are unknown to many. You could even consume the water of these soaked seeds that could be beneficial in shedding some extra kilos and controlling asthma as well. Check out what happens to your body when you consume the water of the soaked seeds regularly.

SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS: When you start drinking ajwain water daily on an empty stomach, it would help your body to dissolve fat and thus paves the path for weight reduction. So, you could also have a teaspoon of ajwain seeds every morning which would proffer you a better result.

CONTROLS ASTHMA: The act of consuming ajwain water daily would cleanse the mucus from the body and gets rid of cold and cough as well. Also, it is helpful in treating asthma and bronchitis which is why it is recommended to intake the combination of ajwain with jaggery twice a day. Even if you have a cold or wanna have something warm, you could have boiled water infused with these seeds.

GREAT FOR WOMEN’S HEALTH: If you are suffering from an irregular menstrual cycle, then you could have ajwain seeds infused water every day as a natural home remedy. It would help you in stimulating regular menstruation. It could even relieve menstrual cramps during periods as it acts as a nerve tonic that is used to calms the nerves, thereby reducing the menstrual cramps. It is also advisable to apply this seed oil on the lower abdomen to reduce the pain. And if you are a lactating woman, you could add ajwain to your diet to improve the flow of milk.

ENHANCES LIVER AND KIDNEY FUNCTION: Did you the water infused with ajwain seeds is helpful in improving the liver and kidney function? Yes, the presence of rich nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, and other minerals and vitamins are helpful in regulating the healthy functioning of the liver and kidney. Also, the fiber content would be helpful in dealing with indigestion and provides healthy intestinal movement.

CURES ACIDITY: Otherwise known as carom seeds, ajwain seeds are helpful in combating acidity when you consume the concoction of ajwain seeds water mixed with cumin seeds and ginger powder. When it comes to curing flatulence, the seeds are highly effective when you soaked it in lime juice and leave it dry, and then you could have it in warm water every day.

GETS RID OF ARTHRITIS: If you massage your joints with this seed oil, it could be highly beneficial in getting rid of arthritis and pains.

RELIEVES TOOTHACHE: These wonderful seeds are helpful in curing toothache when you mix ajwain oil with olive oil and water and then applied it to the affected area. It would also be helpful in eliminating bad mouth odor and thus regulates oral hygiene.

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