7 Simple Skin Care Tips To Follow This Rainy Season


Of course, your body is covered mostly with the skin and you need to take care of your skin. Be it any season of the year, you gotta nourish your skin and never ever ignore it. If you wish for the healthy-looking skin, then try to take good care of it. So, here are the simple tips to take care of your skin during monsoons.

DRINKING WATER IS ESSENTIAL: Whatever the season of the month is, you gotta drink enough water throughout the day. It would be helpful for you to stay hydrated and make your skin healthy as well.

CONSUME FRUITS AND VEGGIES: There are certain fruits and veggies which are available only during the monsoons and so get the maximum of it. It would in turn make your skin glow.

CLEANSING IS IMPORTANT: It is highly essential to clean your skin before bed to get rid of the dirt. It is important because your skin would look beautifully clear and healthy.

TONING IS NECESSARY: This yet another important process to keep your skin smiling and healthy as it would provide your skin the radiance it needs. It would also maintain the pH balance of the skin.

MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN: Above all, try to keep your skin moisturized as it would help your skin to be supple and flake-free as well. This is the first and foremost thing to be done during the monsoons.

EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN: In order to make your skin feel refreshing and glowing during the monsoon, you have got to exfoliate your skin by using a natural scrub. This would in turn remove the dead skin cells.

TRY WASHING YOUR FACE: Washing your face daily is the most important thing to do. You gotta wash your face twice a day keep it clear and dirt free.

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