4 Super Healthy Foods For Today’s Middle Aged Women



As women approach their middle-age, there would be some health issues that come on their path. This is the time where they go through menopause, weight gain, sagging skin, wrinkles, muscle-aches and joint-pains, and many other issues. However, some foods could be helpful for middle-aged women to lower the risk of harmful diseases. Check out the foods to be included in the diet.

TURMERIC: This traditionally powerful spice has numerous health benefits, which is well-known for everyone. Since women are likely to suffer from arthritis than men, turmeric could help prevent and ease arthritis and joint inflammation as well. It would also help in boosting the immune system and thus protects you from infections.

ALMONDS: Well, almonds are rich in healthy fats but they are known to avert heart disease. Almonds would keep you satisfied and also help you lose weight. It would lower the bad cholesterol and triglycerides, thereby increasing the levels of good cholesterol.

GRAPEFRUIT: Grapefruit is already good for your heart’s health as it is known to lower your cholesterol. It not only reduces the cholesterol but also helps in curbing your hunger and thus helps in preventing weight gain. It would also reduce the chance of diabetes as per the studies.

CRUCIFEROUS VEGGIES: Cruciferous veggies such as kale, broccoli, and cauliflower helpful in preventing several diseases related to breast, cervical and uterine cancers as per the studies. The presence of diindolylmethane in the veggies would stimulate more efficient use of estrogen, thereby protecting against estrogen-induced cancers.

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