8 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate From Today


The refrigerator has conquered its place in every household as it becomes a necessary one. The refrigerator is obviously a place to store foods to make them fresh as many foods are much-needed to be stored in cold storage. However, the chill or cold atmosphere of the fridge still has its negative impact on certain foods. Most people would do this blunder mistake that they would store almost everything in the fridge which is not good. Just because you have a refrigerator, you should not stockpile it with every item. You have to know that certain foods could do their best when they stay out of the fridge. So, let’s check out those food items which should not be refrigerated.

BREAD: Generally, people would store bread in the refrigerator as it would control the mold growth. But this would make the bread dry and so you could store it in the freezer and toast it whenever you need. So, follow it when you have more bread or loaves than you need.

NUTS: Like bread, most people would store nuts in the fridge. While the cold temperature could help avert the natural oils in nuts from turning stale, the chillness would suppress the nutty flavor, and even shelled nuts could imbibe other odors circulating in the fridge. So, it is advisable to store nuts in an airtight container and place them in the pantry. And if you have a large quantity stowed in the fridge, you just toast the nuts in a dry pan before using them.

GARLIC: The strong and robust flavored garlic does not deserve to be stored at a cool temperature instead it is better stored outside the fridge. However, if the head of the garlic is broken, then you should use the cloves within 10 days and not more than that.

ONIONS: Like garlic, onions are happy staying out of the big cold container unless they are cut. Since the cold temperature turns them into moldy and mushy as well. Importantly, you should avoid storing it from direct sunlight. On the other hand, if the onions are cut, then store them in a resealable bag and place them in the vegetable drawer.

HONEY: When you store honey inside the cold atmosphere, it would make honey seize and solidify it. So, it would stay best at room temperature.

WATERMELON: Whole watermelons or other kinds of melons could do their best at room temperature until they are cut like onions. When melons are stored at room temperature, it would help keep the antioxidants unscathed. But if they are cut, you have to then store them in the refrigerator only for three to four days and not more than that.

TOMATOES: When tomatoes are stored in the fridge, it would turn them dull and mealy. You could store them out and if in case they become too ripened, then you could prepare tomato jam or tomato sauce. Whatever you prepare using it, they are gonna be the best finger-licking ones.

BERRIES: When you buy some fresh berries from a local farm, it would do great at room temps. If you consume it sooner, it would taste better for munching or snacking. But if you have berries in larger quantities, then you should have to store them in the refrigerator. And if you want to avoid tasting moldy or squishy berries, then you have to rinse it right before tossing it into the mouth.

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