9 Simple ways to beat the MONDAY BLUES and Stay Motivated


Follow these simple steps to beat the Monday blues. Welcome the new week like it’s Saturday night.

Stay Relaxed: Plan a day. A Friday or Saturday night out staying with friends at home is a better option than too much time hanging out at bars and pubs, which may lead to less sleep and hangovers.

Advance Sunday night planning: Plan a layout for Monday, be it your outfit, breakfast or lunch, the previous Night (Sunday Night). Have your Wakeup alarm in place and ensure to wake up at the first call and be on time to your work.

Early to bed on Sunday early to Rising on Monday: Yes hit the bed early on Sunday night. Ensure you get a proper seven to nine hours of sleep to gear up for the workweek. Getting to bed early will make you wake up naturally on time the next morning and the Alarm clock would no more be your support system.

Don’t skip breakfast on Monday: Jumpstart the day with a Super hearty breakfast as you wish. The crankiness on hunger makes you sick at the office. So Breakfast is mandatory every day.

Pump up the volume: Yes listening to Music of your choice while getting ready will boost your mood and will pump you up for work. Music does wonders. Just try this out.

A Monday treat to yourself: Indulge in some online shopping or buy something during the lunch break for you. Postpone your weekend online shopping to Monday afternoon. It really makes you feel happy. Try it once.

Exercise: Go for a walk or hit the gym early. This increases your endorphin levels, so try doing the early morning exercise to start the day off well.

Have small breaks at work: Take small breaks throughout the day. Don’t get completely stuck on to your office desk or your cubicle. Take a walk for a few minutes and restart your work. Ensure to have lunch along with your colleagues. Lunch at your desk is a ‘BIG NO’

Monday’s are still blue for You: You are the one and only person who knows this better. After all these suggestions if still your Mondays are dreadful, maybe its time to switch career.

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