A Strange Church drowning during the monsoon and emerging during the hot summer days!


Visit the spooky-mysterious place if you feel interesting and really wanna explore it!

Drowning churches in the water are quite a bizarre happening in the different parts of the country. Since India itself known for its several mysterious places and never-ending puzzles, it is common to come across such spooky places in the country. India has a wide variety of awe-inspiring architectural temples, churches, and mosques which makes you wonder. Might be some of the places and monuments sprinkle you with the goosebumps feel. Here is one such place where a church drowns in the water during the monsoon and emerges back during the summer days. Doesn’t that sound strange?

An architectural wondering which has been standing for ages is located in Karnataka, the southern part of India. The amazing art of all time which amazes you yet provides you spooky ambiance as well, the Shettihalli Rosary Church situated 22 km from Hassan in Karnataka. Being in a devastated state, the church has been still breathing its best with its remnants. Built-in 1860 by the French missionaries, the spooky-aired church is considered to be one of the masterpieces in the Southern part of India. In order to use the water of the Hemavathi river in a useful way, Gorur reservoir was constructed in the 1960s. Later, the collateral damage during the process of construction led to the immersion of 28 villages located around the river was in flood. Meanwhile, the native people were shifted to the nearby villages and the church was left abandoned.

This gothic church is now in a roofless situation in an empty field but it is not a very famous place to be visited or visited by people from outside. However, art students, research scholars, and architectural students have been visiting the remnants of the church. Situated 200km from Bangalore, the church is now the calm place only visited by nearby people to relax and feel the serenity in the atmosphere. It is now completely nature’s place and birds become the inhabitants of the church. And if you wish to visit this place, then you gotta ask the locals for the direction as there is no signboard to lead you to the place. Well, you should choose the perfect season to visit it as the place might be either filled with water or remained as a barren field. No matter what makes the field, the church standing in the middle of the field is a mystery yet. Well, you could carry food and spend some valuable time with your family as a picnic. It is good in its massive structure which makes it possible for photography as well.

Yet you gotta carry foods, snacks to munch, and juices or drinks as there are no hotels to be spotted. Even there are no petrol pumps and so check the fuel before you start.

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