All You Wanted To Know About Anxiety And Stress During This Period


How stress and anxiety differ from each other?

Often people suffer from stress and anxiety. Both problems share many similar symptoms. In this modern world, it is a commonly prevailing issue among youngsters. When it comes to physical symptoms of stress and anxiety, it will be tough for us to differentiate from each other. They both pave the way for sleepless nights, exhaustion, excessive worrying, lack of focus, and irritability. Physical symptoms such as headaches, rapid heart rate, muscle tension can be the impact of both stress and anxiety disorder. So, you should get to know the correct time for working on a deep breathing process and you should also be ready to seek professional medical help.

STRESS: When it comes to stress, it is nothing but your body’s reaction to a trigger and is also generally a short-term experience. Stress can be experienced both in a positive and negative way. You come to know that it is positive when it hits in and helps you to pull off that deadline you thought it was a lost cause. But stress is negative when it results in insomnia, poor concentration, and impaired ability to do things as you did before. This is typically negative when it doesn’t allow you to perform things normally. There is a number of physical health disorder connected to stress like depression, anxiety, heart attacks, strokes, gastrointestinal distress, obesity, and hypertension. An extreme level of stress can cause havoc in the mind and the body. Do you know that when you have stress for a long process it will affect your stomach? And yes! It will lead to many common symptoms like frequent headaches, sleeplessness, difficulty swallowing, frequent illness, irritability, muscle tension, gastrointestinal problems, and low energy.

TO MANAGE STRESS: It is essential for you to know how to manage stress. You can follow relaxation breathing and it is the simplest thing you can do under stress. You can also practice mindfulness and to follow this you have to disconnect from the digital world and to be engaged with the natural world. Listen to pleasant music and do exercises that can buffer you from negative reactions of stress.

ANXIETY: Anxiety on the other side, is a sustained mental health issue. Though it has the same physical symptoms, anxiety hangs around for the long term. The defining quality of anxiety is that it has an excessive worrying symptom for more than six months at least. The other symptoms of anxiety are irritability, difficulty in controlling worry, restlessness, easily fatigued, unable to concentrate or being blank, muscle tension, dizziness, and other cruel symptoms.

TO MANAGE ANXIETY: There are two main treatments for anxiety namely psychotherapy and medication. Psychotherapy is nothing but the usual talk therapy which helps the person to identify, process, and manage the triggers of anxiety whereas medications like antidepressants normally have some mild side effects but help to eliminate the symptoms of anxiety. Yet another way is that changing the lifestyle of the person which may instill some changes within the individual.

It is undeniable that stress and anxiety might instill within a person at a particular time period. But it is important to treat and manage both stress and anxiety and it totally depends on the person’s cooperation. Get to know about Stress and Anxiety and lead worry less life!

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