Ankith Gupta, record-setting musical prodigy releases new album, The Inconstant, with rapper Dank Sinat₹a

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Following a meteoric rise in the music world, 17-year old Chennai-based producer and composer Ankith Gupta has just released his debut album, The Inconstant, in collaboration with Bengaluru-based rapper Dank Sinat₹a. Featuring 11 songs, The Inconstant is a creative journey through emotional cycles, exploring both the dark extremes and the euphoric highs of today’s youthful minds. It layers Dank Sinat₹a’s intense lyrical storytelling with Ankith’s lo- fi, jazz and electronic beat stylings. The album can be heard across all popular music streaming platforms.

Ankith is best known for his Guinness Book of World Records certified track, “7500”, a tribute to how the power of music transcends the distances enforced by the pandemic, which featured 13 artists and 14 languages and was recorded and produced under lockdown. He has produced over 70 tracks to date.

Speaking on The Inconstant, Ankith says, “I’ve worked with artists from all over the world, including Iran, Italy USA and Germany, and what I enjoy most about collaboration is finding a way to elevate an artist’s signature style through a fresh approach. For The Inconstant, we took Dank Sinat₹a’s hip hop flair and amalgamated old and new schools of the genre. Our influences included J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, J.I.D, Joey Bada$$, Mac Miller and Anderson Paak, and the sub-genres we delved into were lo-fi, hype and chill hop. The album is truly an experience: a journey into the highs and lows of a creative psyche.”

In addition to the release of The Inconstant, Ankith also recently added more feathers to his cap through new records certified by both Asia Books of Records and India Book of Records for being the youngest hip hop artist to be charted multiple times on iTunes Top 100 (for the songs “Viper”, “Rain Dance”, “7500” and “Upwards”).

Ankith can be reached via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter under the handle “ankithzmusic”.

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