Buddha’s Hand: The Strangest Fruit With 5 Astonishing Health Benefits


Natural pain-reliever for your wounds with its natural healing power!

Buddha’s hand is actually an unusual fruit that provides amazing benefits for the body.

Ever heard of Buddha’s hand fruit? If not, just get to know about this weird fruit from nature. Being one of the unusual fruits available in India, Buddha’s hand is scientifically known as Citrus medieval. It has been used in religious ceremonies because of its shape which is finger-shaped or Buddha’s open hand as per the Buddhist faith. It is also used in perfumes as it is known for its citrusy smell and could be used for its medicinal properties. This unknown fruit has several benefits for your body and it has used for a long time as a medicinal herb to treat diseases in China. The fingered citron or Buddha’s Hand is known to be juiceless, seedless, and bitter which is similar to a lemon’s taste. You would be completely surprised by realizing the health benefits of this unknown fruit.

RELIEVES THE MENSTRUAL UNEASINESS: Most women suffer from menstrual cramps every month of the menstrual cycle. It would provide discomfort along with cramps, heavy bleeding, and mood swings. But have you ever known that Buddha’s Hand is naturally used to treat menstrual discomfort? Well, it has been used as a natural remedy for a very long period. This is because the anti-inflammatory properties of the fruit merge with the antioxidant qualities of the fruit which thus make the fruit best to treat the uneasiness issues of menstruation.

TREATS RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: Being the natural remedy for health issues, the fingered-citron is known to treat the respiratory issues of the person. Buddha’s Hand is now turned out to be an expectorant and so it could able to treat cough and other respiratory problems as well. By consuming Buddha’s hand, could actively help in relieving pain and phlegm and clears the air passage. It is highly suggested to be consumed after soaking it in a container of water and sugar.

BOOSTS UP THE IMMUNITY: With few bites of Buddha’s Hand, you could level up your immunity. The presence of polysaccharides in Buddha’s Hand is connected to stimulate macrophage activity and thus helps in improving the immune system. Though it is helpful to boost your immune system, the fingered citron helps get rid of cold or flu as it fastens the recovering period.

MAINTAINS BLOOD PRESSURE: Buddha’s hand helps in maintaining the blood pressure by relaxing and dilating the coronary blood vessels. It also maintains better circulation level, reduces blood pressure as well as prevents the chances of atherosclerosis or heart attack, or stroke. It thus helps in providing good cardiovascular health and enhances a healthy life.

EASES GASTROINTESTINAL ISSUES: Commonly, people suffer from stomach-related issues such as diarrhea, cramps, bloating, and constipation. But with the help of Buddha’s hand, it could be diminished naturally. Buddha’s hand as a natural remedy could help ease inflammation in the stomach lining and comforts the intestinal muscles which thus help in digestion easily.

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