Catch Superstar Akshay Kumar talk about parenting and much more in Femina’s latest Men’s Special Issue

India’s biggest superstar, Akshay Kumar is also a loving husband and an equally doting father to Aarav and Nitara. He is one of the few actors in the industry who has cracked the secret to maintaining the perfect work-life balance despite having multiple releases each year. In Femina’s latest July Men’s Special issue that covers Bollywood’s Most Influential Stars; heartthrob Akshay Kumar talks about his latest and upcoming releases, social issues he believes in, his venture in the digital realm and lessons on parenting 101 that parents should adopt in the hustle of today’s busy life.

The actor strongly believes when it comes to inculcating values in your children, parents have to lead by example. “Children pick up what they see; if you want them to be independent, be so yourself; you want them to be responsible, act responsibly, you want them to be empathetic, show them how. Thanks to my children, I now have qualities which I probably didn’t possess before I became a father.”

Further talking about how the lockdown has affected his children, “My wife and I believe in cultivating a friendly relationship with our children. Aarav has grown up and doesn’t need much talking. In fact, I learn a lot from him, including fresh perspectives. About the pandemic, Nitara was initially ecstatic to have her daddy at home all the time, and also about missing school. Soon, she started missing her friends and their playdates. The restriction to step out and following social distancing norms brought up a number of innocent questions, which Tina (Twinkle) and I patiently answered, making sure she understood the gravity of the situation.”

Apart from a glimpse into the life of the Superstar,  Femina’s latest July Men’s Special issue also features influential men across various fields: Virat Kohli (sports), Akash Ambani (digital), Ritesh Agarwal (entrepreneur), Sabyasachi Mukherjee (fashion), and Ranveer Allahbadia (social media influencer). The latest issue of Femina is now available on stands for readers. The July Men’s special e-issue of Femina is available for FREE for readers on-

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