Cybernetyx interactive products enhancing learning and smart classroom experience of students


Cybernetyx’s exclusive EyeRIS to ease out students’ entire learning process

Cybernetyx, a pioneer and global leader in intelligent vision-based interactive and collaboration technology products and solution providers has been ranked no. 1 in the Interactive product’s market for smart classrooms in India for a decade.

According to a recent V4C Research Report, EyeRIS is the world’s first AI-enabled classroom solution with a multitude of tools including Class Recording Tools, Unlimited and free access to relevant educational content, Automatic handwriting and shape recognition tools to name a few. It is the most advanced surface‐independent touch interactive system installed in over 1,20,000+ classrooms. While most of the major global players are losing market share in India, Cybernetyx has emerged as the outright market leader in these years.

Mr. Ramya Chatterjee, CEO, Cybernetyx said, “We are thrilled to be recognized as the highest-selling Interactive Products Market for Smart Classrooms in India. We are also very proud to be one of the very few ‘Make in India’ providers in this sector with dedicated R&D and manufacturing operations in our country itself. EyeRIS has now become the highest-selling interactive vision technology in the world today reaching over 15M users. We aim to create a disruption in how people interact with technology in learning and workspaces.”

EyeRIS comes with a multi‐touch software suite supporting 255 touch points simultaneously. It supports native handwriting recognition, shape recognition, and gesture recognition. The software is integrated with interactive tools from Geometry. These tools can be used precisely and function like their real counterparts. It supports multiple formats of presentations, images, documents, and videos so that users can import and annotate to elaborate on complicated concepts. EyeRIS further supports Microsoft Office files such as handwriting recognition in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel alongside supporting a multitude of languages inclusive of French, German, and Japanese.

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