Introducing We Sort You | An Instagram-business launched by 18 year old Tia Jasra

We Sort You: “Let the celebration be BIG even if your gathering is SMALL”, It is an entrepreneurial venture launched by Tia Jasra under the mentorship of her mother Bhavna Jasra (India’s premier & acclaimed lifecasting artist.) The brand has officially gone live on the 20th of September. It is a sister company of First Impression by Bhavna Jasra, a venture launched by Bhavna 18 years ago. Bhavna is not only a very respected artist but also a prominent lifestyle thought leader.
Tia (the bright spark behind the concept) is 18 years old & is a 12th grader at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, has launched her own entrepreneurial venture on Instagram called “WeSortYouMumbai” on the 20th of September.
Tia’s business-plan was to create an Instagram page that provided a unique listing of exclusive vendors who catered to celebrations & small scale get-togethers. She would create an Instagram-Business where one acts as an aggregator to symbiotically support the other brand as they were all catering to a common event, a party or a celebration. She called it “WeSortYou” as it resonated with the brand the solution the business would be providing. She put together the Concept, Execution Plan, Marketing Strategy (for vendors and followers) along-with the Revenue-Model.
Innovation is not always creating complicated concepts & out-of-the-box ideas, but also putting together the simplest of ideas that we all believe must already exist but actually doesn’t. The wedding industry does have a couple of similar pages but the vendors listed on them are in no way a match to the requirements of a home celebration or even special occasions celebrated at a slightly smaller scale. 
Tia has always been a happy child finding her joys in the simplest of things. Her congenial nature has always kept her popular amongst her peers in school as well as her social circle. Right through her schooling, whilst children were trying to dwarf Einstein at their science projects, Tia always excelled by presenting innovations involving simple human behavioural science.
This too was one such time where Tia was assigned to do a project by her university counsellor (helping her for applications for her business school). The project was to set up a new & innovative business model on the Instagram platform. She worked on it for about a week & just before presenting it, she wanted her mom to evaluate it too.
Making an honest confession Bhavna said that her initial reaction was that of great disappointment. She was truly expecting her daughter to come up with an out of the box idea that would impress her.  Bhavna expressed her utter disappointment as she assumed that the idea was very basic and surely one that was done-to-death.  Tia was taken-aback with Bhavna’s reaction and challenged her to find a single page on Instagram (India-Centric) that was in-line with her concept.  Considering this an easy task, Bhavna immediately put this query on 10 of her resource groups on WhatsApp (that never disappointed her when she was looking for something extraordinary.)  To her utter surprise, there was not a single revert from any of her resource groups, but many posted saying that if she found such a page they would love to know & follow.  Many friends from different groups also expressed their total fatigue in following hundreds of vendors & brands for even sorting out their basics to organize a party/get-together. This was an amazing revelation & she had to eat humble pie on Tia’s challenge.  Bhavna’s emotions took a 180 degrees turn, from one of utter disappointment to one of super PRIDE.
With this absolutely encouraging revelation, Bhavna decided to help her daughter in converting her concept/business-plan into an actual business.  Deciding that they would be catering to an evolved audience, the mum-daughter duo got down to fine-tuning the concept, putting the various categories for the listings, scouting for the most appropriate vendors in each category, looking at revenue models for the enterprise & finally putting teams together to set on their various tasks, the initial Mumbai-edition called “WeSortYouMumbai” was born.
The partners chosen will be nothing short of artists & will be listed under:
o Cake Artists 
o Edible Treat Makers 
o Balloon Decor Experts 
o Floral Decor Experts 
o Event planners 
o Restaurant owners
o Gourmet Chefs 
o Gift & gift packaging experts 
o Party Entertainers 
o Bartending Service providers 
o Photographers & Videographers 
o Makeup artists & Hair Stylists 
o DJs
o Dress Designers
o Jewellery Designers (Fine & Fashion jewellery) 
It is truly admirable that during the stressful times of COVID, when even the most established businesses are downsizing, re-planning & focusing or thinking of shutting down, Tia has ventured and set-up a new & unique business idea.
List of Partners : 
o Bateel India
o Royce 
o Provenance Gifting 
o La Fleur De Lis (EDC Gifting) 
o Shaze 
o Deliciae Cakes
o Cocoatease 
o Toshin Chocoatier 
o Sage & Safron 
o EDD Pooja Raheja
o Chef Harsh Shodhan 
o Gourmaison
o Drinq India 
o Blend with Benefits 
o June 8 Florist
o Flower Lab India 
o Partynextdoor Events
o Balloon Bouquets
o JCB Salons 
o Sonik Sarvate (MAC Makeup) 
o DJ Khushi Soni 
o Shruti Tejwani Photography 
This is the only page of its kind on Instagram that lists all the partners that cater to celebrations & parties, on one platform. The partners on the platform are comfortable catering to celebrations & parties for 10 to 200 people as well which means you can celebrate BIG even if your group is SMALL. Along with industry stalwarts, the page has 20 partners listed who are below the age of 28 years & Tia being 18 herself is confident of the young energies these entrepreneurs will bring to the platform. 
Instagram – We Sort You by Tia Jasra
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